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TRSA Above and Beyond Service Awards

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TRSA’s Above and Beyond Service Award recognizes an individual service rep, team of service people, or an entire company for exceptional attention to customer needs. Acts of truly above and beyond service are rare. Some are one-time efforts outside the normal course of business to address a customer emergency or pressing need. More often, such acts are part of the normal course, but are especially responsive, empathetic or pleasantly surprising to customers, setting a higher standard for others to follow. Nominations should be 300 words or less.

Ideas for Operator Member Nominations for this Award:
  • Extra steps a given route rep or team have taken to help customers on a daily basis, including times of weather or other emergencies, such as a power outage.
  • New technology that a service team or company has implemented that’s had a measurable and significant impact on improved customer satisfaction.
  • Outstanding records in terms of customer surveys and/or customer retention rates.
  • Training programs or other initiatives that have had a demonstrated positive impact on customer service as reflected in surveys or other metrics.
Ideas for Associate Members’ Nominations for this Award:
  • Achievements and efforts (similar to those of Operators listed above) in Associates’ own businesses
  • On-site service providers help perform functions other than those related to the product they support
  • Products/services provided to Operators to facilitate achievements and efforts such as those listed above
Previous Winners of TRSA Above and Beyond Service Award:
  • 2019  Brianna Widmark, hospital route service representative, Miller’s Textile Services, Wapakoneta, OH (operator)
  • 2019  Farley Salmon, healthcare sales director, Sigmatex-Lanier Textiles, Suwanee, GA (associate)
  • 2018  Employees and management of Up to Date Laundry, Inc., Baltimore, MD (operator)