TRSA Clean Green Innovation Award

Named for TRSA’s sustainability certification for linen and uniform service operations, this award honors highly qualified leaders in reducing environmental impact, particularly in laundry plant operations

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Winners prove their resource conservation and discharge reduction proficiency, documenting their success in achieving above-normal performance. Clean Green certification is not required for operators but fulfilling Clean Green standards is encouraged. Quantification of environmental impact, such as percent reduction of resource use (water, energy, chemistry) per laundry pound, is critical.

Nominations for this and all Industry Awards are welcome throughout the year, closing for 2024  judging (all except Lifetime and Years of Service) Nov. 30, 2023.

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Ideas for Operator Member Nominations
  • Increased discharge control
  • Decreased energy use per laundry pound
  • Reduced fresh water intake
  • End-of-life supply recycling, repurposing
  • Multi-decade history of environmental protection
  • Renewable energy use
  • Consolidation of facilities, routes
  • Healthcare disposable reduction
Ideas for Supplier Partner Member Nominations
  • PFAS removal from supplies
  • Recycled content use in supplies
  • Reduced resource use, increased discharge control in manufacturing, servicE
  • Products/services provided to Operators to facilitate their achievements and projects described above
  • Equipment, chemicals that reduce per-laundry-pound use of energy, water
  • New equipment of any type used in linen, uniform and facility services, more resource-efficient than previous models
  • Textile products that replace disposable equivalents and launder efficiently

Previous Operator Member Winners

2023: Balfurd Linen Service, Tipton, PA
2022: Aramark Uniform Services, Burbank, CA
2022: Brady Linen/PureStar, Las Vegas, NV
Cintas Corp., Cincinnati, OH
Miller’s Textile Services, Wapakoneta, OH
New System Laundry, Portland, OR
Sitex Corp., Henderson, KY
 HLS Linen Services, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2021: Quintex Services, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
2021: Textile Care Services, Rochester, MN
Arrow Linen Supply Co., Inc., Garden City, NY
2020: CITY Laundering Co., Oelwein, IA
2020: PureStar Group, Las Vegas, NV
2019: Prudential Overall Supply, Irvine, CA
2019: Mission Linen Supply, Santa Barbara, CA
2019: White Plains Linen, Peekskill, NY
2017: Huebsch Services, Eau Claire, WI
2015: Paris Cos., DuBois, PA
2014: AmeriPride Services, Minnetonka, MN
2012: Aramark-Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, NC
2011: Roscoe Co., Chicago, IL
2011: California Linen Services, Pasadena, CA
2011: Aramark Uniform Services, Burbank, CA
2009: Aramark Uniform Services, Chicago, IL
2009: Capital Health Care Services, Troy, NY
2009: UniFirst Corp., Mesquite, TX

Reclamation of 50% of heat, dryer reduction of 15% of natural gas, and all-LED lighting were among Clean Green award-winning feats of Balfurd Linen Service

Previous Supplier Partner Member Winners

2023: Ellis Corp., Itasca, IL
Ecolab Textile Care, St. Paul, MN
Kemco Systems, Clearwater, FL
Norchem Corp., Los Angeles, CA
2020: OMNI Solutions, Baraboo, WI
2019: Ecolab Textile Care, St. Paul, MN
2019: WSI, Cincinnati, OH

Continuing installation of dissolved air flotation for wastewater treatment won Ellis Corp. a 2023 Clean Green honor

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