TRSA Clean Green Innovation Award

The TRSA Clean Green Innovation Award recognizes companies or facilities that reduce their operations’ environmental impact in one or more ways, which may include reduction of per-laundry-pound use of a single resource (water, energy, chemistry), improved efficiency of a production or service function, or increased discharge control.

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Use of best management practices described in the TRSA Clean Green standard is encouraged. Nominations document success through proven results.

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PLEASE NOTE: The 2021 deadline for nominations for this award is July 2, 2021

Ideas for Operator Member Nominations
  • Consolidation of facilities
  • Energy conservation techniques
  • Healthcare laundry sustainability techniques
  • High-capacity trailers for textile inventory (consolidates routes)
  • Multi-decade history of environmental protection
  • Promotion of the industry’s sustainability
  • Renewable energy use
  • Wastewater discharge control
  • Water conservation techniques
Ideas for Associate Members Nominations
  • Achievements and projects (similar to those of Operators listed on the left) in Associates’ own facilities serving linen, uniform and facility services customers
  • Equipment, chemicals that reduce per-laundry-pound use of energy, water
  • New equipment of any type used in linen, uniform and facility services, more resource-efficient than previous models
  • Products/services provided to Operators to facilitate their achievements and projects described above
  • Textile products that replace disposable equivalents and launder efficiently

Previous Operator Member Winners

2020: Arrow Linen Supply Co., Inc., Garden City, NY
2020: CITY Laundering Co., Oelwein, IA
2020: Clean Green Sustainability, PureStar Group, Las Vegas, NV
2019: Prudential Overall Supply, Irvine, CA
2019: Mission Linen Supply, Santa Barbara, CA
2019: White Plains Linen, Peekskill, NY
2017: Huebsch Services, Eau Claire, WI
2015: Paris Cos., DuBois, PA
2014: AmeriPride Services, Minnetonka, MN
2012: Aramark-Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, NC
2011: Roscoe Co., Chicago, IL
2011: California Linen Services, Pasadena, CA
2011: Aramark Uniform Services, Burbank, CA
2009: Aramark Uniform Services, Chicago, IL
2009: Capital Health Care Services, Troy, NY
2009: UniFirst Corp., Mesquite, TX

2019 Operator Winner of the TRSA Clean Green Innovation Award: Jerry Martin (Prudential Overall Supply) accepts the award from TRSA Chairman Jim Buik (Roscoe Co.)

Previous Associate Member Winners

2020: OMNI Solutions, Baraboo, WI
2019: Ecolab Textile Care, St. Paul, MN
2019: WSI, Cincinnati, OH

2019 Associate Winners of the TRSA Clean Green Innovation Award: Angela Becker (Ecolab Textile Care) and John Walroth (WSI)

Nomination Form

PLEASE NOTE: The 2021 deadline for nominations for this award is July 2, 2021

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