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Best management practices for operations and promotion in servicing full- and limited service restaurants, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions and other locations where food is handled and served.


Achieving these designations provides third-party verification of sustainability and cleanliness in linen, uniform and facility services operations, building credibility in the F&B market and improving efficiency

Clean Green
Hygienically Clean Food Service

On-Demand Learning

Production Training Series – Use with prospective hires or production employee training; videos demonstrate sorting, washing, drying, finishing and packing out food and beverage/restaurant (F&B) items

Webinars – Preview recorded webinars on production, sales and service and other topics; watch them at your own pace


Business-to-Business and Consumer Perceptions
Use this research to support marketing and communications to the F&B market

Executive Summary
Business-to-Business Survey
Consumer Survey
Media Information: F&B/Restaurant

Life Cycle Assessment

Environmental impacts study shows superior sustainability of reusable napkins compared with disposables

Consumer Outreach

Infographic: Reusable Napkins: the Greenest and Cleanest Choice
Sustainability: Finding the New “Green” in Your Supply Chain

Media & In the News

TRSA Press Releases

TRSA F&B/Restaurant Committee