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Best management practices for operations and promotion in servicing uniform rental and direct sale markets in service, retail and manufacturing industries.

Shop Towels

Health Study


Clean Green
Hygienically Clean Food Safety

On-Demand Learning

Production Training Series – Use with prospective hires or production employee training; videos demonstrate sorting, washing, drying, finishing and tying out industrial (uniform) items
Webinars – Preview recorded webinars on production, sales and service and other topics; watch them at your own pace


Business-to-Business and Consumer Perceptions
Use this research to support marketing and communications to industrial/uniform markets

Executive Summary
Business-to-Business Survey
Consumer Survey
Media Information: Industrial/Uniform
Life Cycle Assessment – Environmental impacts study shows superior sustainability of reusable shop towels compared with disposables

Consumer Outreach

Enhanced-Visibility Industry Guidelines
Infographic: How Uniform Rental Boosts Sustainability
Whitepaper: Food Safety Transparency across the Supply Chain

Media & In the News

TRSA Press Releases

TRSA Industrial/Uniform Committee Projects & Roster