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Textile Services Digital Magazine and E-News

As a TRSA member your company receives as many FREE subscriptions to Textile Services magazine and e-news as you like. This gives every manager and supervisor on your staff the chance to benefit from the wealth of information-sharing facilitated by TRSA, the world’s largest association of international, national, regional and independent linen and uniform services.

Competitive Intelligence Value

In surveys of TRSA members, more say this access to industry news, trends and best practices is the top reason their companies belong to TRSA:

  • More say it’s one of the top two reasons they personally value TRSA
  • More say Textile Services is their top preferential method for receiving information about industry news, trends and best practices.

Textile Services is published 11 times per year, includng technology-focused supplements and an annual buyer’s guide. Nearly 90% of readers are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with Textile Services’ content. The magazine’s net promoter score (NPS) is higher than the average for all publications by the following factors in these readership segments:

  • All readers – 24 times higher
  • Owner/President/COO/VP/GM/CFO – 43x
  • Directors/Managers: Marketing, Sales, Service – 31x
  • Managers: Plant/Production/Operations/Safety/Compliance – 25x

2022 Editorial Topics

TRSA members start their work weeks each Monday with Textile Services Weekly to stay up to speed on industry practices and developments, with 48 regular editions per year. TRSA also delivers news and trends through:

  • Monthly podcasts
  • Breaking News notifications
  • Customer-industry-focused editions: F&B/Hospitality (restaurant/hotel, healthcare (hospital, outpatient), Industrial/Uniform (mostly customer workwear users)

Live and Recorded Webinars

TRSA webinars are FREE to members both live and recorded. These cover many of the same subjects as TRSA media articles while providing more depth and interactivity between subject matter experts and participants. Webinars approximate the intimacy of in-person, face-to-face education events and preserve the interactive elements of a live presentation in a more convenient multimedia format.

For managers in the same workplaces who wish to share a professional development experience, webinars are ideal. Viewing these TRSA presentations together in a conference room and discussing the webinar’s subject material afterward can become a key exercise in corporate strategic planning. Learning can continue for weeks or even months as participants recount with each other the ideas learned and expand on them.

Whether managers absorb more information by hearing or seeing new information or doing new activities, webinars address all these learning styles. This improves retention, thereby making participants more effective managers for having gone through the training.

TRSA launches a new live webinar each month and shortly after makes it available on-demand. This has created a library of 150+ webinars providing education and enrichment, sorted by more than a dozen general topics. This archive and virtual classroom enable your team to address the industry’s most challenging issues and discover how to acquire skills to make better business decisions. You’ll be part of one-hour presentations on targeted issues including industry standards, best practices across a wide variety of business functions and strategies for enhancing productivity.

Visit the On-Demand Learning Center (Courses)

Virtual Roundtable Discussion Sessions

FREE to members, TRSA Virtual Roundtables bring the experience of an informal in-person discussion in a small conference room to Zoom for networking and information-sharing. These discussions cover individuals’ special interests such as customer-industry-specific business practices, new member orientation and professional concerns (next generation management, human resources, certification). One geography-specific 2022 roundtable will cover Canada (June 7).  As information-sharing sessions, these thrive on active participation rather than seminar-like presentations. Emphasis is on use of the Gallery view in Zoom so all participants can see each other (cameras on) with use of the chat box as well to communicate with each other and ask questions of discussion moderators. Roundtables are LIVE only (not recorded).
See 2022 TRSA Events Calendar, June, September, October, December

Employee Training Books and Videos

TRSA’s best-selling text ever, Textile Laundering Technology, guides plant managers, washroom supervisors and other laundry staff in creating and executing wash procedures. The updated edition covers procedures for efficient chemical use and handling, energy use and trouble-shooting throughout the laundry process. The book helps answer questions and solve problems encountered in laundering all types of linen and industrial supply soil classifications.
Members save $60


Laundry Operations and Management is a 200-page overview of all aspects of laundry operations; a primer on procedures, technologies and transactions of production. It’s the only resource that explains how every manager and employee affects every stage in the laundry process. Easy-to-read, illustration-filled chapters explain procedures, technologies and transactions of production, sales and service as they apply to plant workflow. All management and employee positions in laundries are described with emphasis on how departments work together. Available in print or digital.
Members save $70

See the TRSA online Store for safety training on hazardous energy control (English and Spanish) and managing regulators’ inspections. Members save $25 on each.

FREE to members is a separate series of Production Training Videos that separately demonstrate contemporary techniques for laundry processing for restaurant, hotel, healthcare and workwear accounts. In each of these four series are separate videos to orient and train personnel in sorting, washing, drying, finishing and packing out items. They’re also valuable to show to prospective hires who are candidates for performing or managing these functions.

Interactive E-Learning Courses

Presentations for more intensive training are discounted for members:

Producing Hygienically Clean Textiles
Recognize each laundry team member and department role in maintaining production standards to ensure the team consistently produces high quality hygienically clean textiles. Review daily practices and tasks; understand compliance issues
See nonmember price; $35 off with membership

Soil Sort
Improve understanding of best practices and the importance and impact of soil sorting, enabling your team to implement best practices that ensure effective and efficient use of your wash aisle configuration and product mix. Review classification/load factors, sorting systems, measurement.
See nonmember price; $35 off with membership

Certified Professional Laundry Manager Self-Study and Exam

Online program bestows CPLM certification for demonstrating mastery of the range of responsibilities of laundry management. Verifies candidate’s understanding of the tasks, skills and knowledge required to oversee all functions from soil sorting to packout. Curriculum includes Laundry Operations and Management, Professional Management Institute (PMI) study guides, Production Training Videos, webinar recordings and additional study materials.
See nonmember price; $1995 off with membership

Research Reports/Data

Website-based data and utilities that help you build your company’s business are FREE to members. These include consumer preference studies, environmental life cycle analyses, infographics, whitepapers and financial calculators. As a member you shape such future resources by participating in TRSA efforts to raise awareness and educate customers about the value and benefits of textile services such as image, safety, cleanliness and sustainability, as well as cost savings and waste reduction.

Examples of research reports immediately applicable to your company’s daily operations available at member discounts :

Global Textile Services Market Analysis. This fully searchable, digital publication optimized for online devices assesses key industries (demand sectors) fueling the industry.  Consolidation and fragmentation of ownership within these sectors as well as our industry are considered and implications for everyday textile services operations are highlighted. Separate sections in each report profile world regions and textile services companies operating there. This study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) provides insights into the industry’s operating conditions, market trends, customers and competition.

Complete global study: members save $2500

Excerpts covering only world regions: members save $500 each

Asia-Pacific | Latin America | Middle East and South Africa | United States and Canada | Western Europe

Production Manager & Maintenance Manager Job Analyses. Guides your company’s definition of these roles so you can determine necessary qualifications and write job descriptions. Created by panels of  these managers as well as owner-operators, corporate executives, general managers, supplier partners and other subject-matter experts. Based on surveys of the industry’s current practitioners from their documentation of these positions’ roles, responsibilities, skills, tasks and knowledge. Underscores those necessary for success in these positions.

Production/Maintenance Combined Analyses: members save $500

Separate analyses; members save $300 each: Production | Maintenance