Nominate TRSA member companies and individuals whose accomplishments deserve the industry’s brightest spotlight.

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Clean Green Innovation Award | Company Community Service Award | Above and Beyond Service Award | Diversity Recognition Award
Volunteer Leadership Award | Best Plants of the Year Award | Video Award

TRSA Awards recognize individuals and teams from Operator and Associate Member companies for exemplary work efforts on behalf of their individual businesses and the industry. During the time period that nominations are open, member company personnel are encouraged to submit colleagues’ names for these accolades and encourage others to second these nominations. Winners are invited to the TRSA Legislative Conference in Washington, DC (registration fee waived) to be honored in a presentation ceremony.

Operator Lifetime Achievement Award

The TRSA Operator Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor bestowed upon an industry professional. The award recognizes exceptional personal service to both the linen, uniform and facility services industry and TRSA. Operator members may nominate. This award is bestowed at the TRSA Annual Conference, scheduled in the fall of each year.

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Maglin/Biggie TRSA Lifetime Achievement Award

Similar to the TRSA Lifetime Achievement Award for operators, candidates for this highest Supplier Partner honor will have served TRSA in ways that have improved the association and industry. Any TRSA member (Operator or Supplier Partner) may nominate. This award is bestowed at the TRSA Annual Conference, scheduled in the fall of each year.

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Years of Service Awards

TRSA’s Years of Service Awards recognize employees of member companies who have worked in the industry for at least 25 years. Certificates of merit acknowledging employment anniversaries are awarded every five years through the 45th. Plaques are awarded in the 50th year. Member companies are encouraged to submit for their eligible employees.

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SafeTRSA Safety Excellence Award

The SafeTRSA Safety Excellence Award recognizes a company or facility that has implemented a novel approach to improving safety. A company/location may nominate itself. All nominations are encouraged to quantify their results.

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Clean Green Innovation Award

The TRSA Clean Green Innovation Award recognizes outstanding efforts in environmental improvement by a company and/or facility implementing an innovative approach to increasing sustainability, reducing energy consumption and positively impacting the environment.  A company/location may nominate itself. All nominations are encouraged to quantify their results.

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Company Community Service Award

TRSA recognizes that many companies in our industry make significant contributions to individuals and their community every day by volunteering their time, actions, talents and dedication outside of the workplace. We’ve developed the annual Community Service Award to honor a company that has been generous with their time and talents and bring to light their sense of caring and responsibility for others in the community.

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Above and Beyond Service Award

Customer service is critical to the success of your company. No matter how fast or efficient your plant and production staff may be, if the service is not, success will elude you. While there is plenty of good customer service in this industry, truly above and beyond service is rare. The Above and Beyond Service Award recognizes those who exceed the levels of good service and set a higher standard for others to follow.

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Diversity Recognition Award

The TRSA Diversity Recognition Award tells the story of individual or company that has encouraged and facilitated increased diversity in the linen, uniform and facility services industry. These individuals and companies are tackling big issues and making our industry better every day.

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Volunteer Leadership Award

The TRSA Volunteer Leadership Award honors individuals from Operator and Associate companies whose expertise has guided TRSA successes in advocacy, education, research, benchmarking or networking. These individuals recognize the competitive benefits and overall economic value to their companies of strengthening the entire linen, uniform and facility services industry, including their own competitors.

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Best Plants of the Year Award

Linen, uniform and facility services laundries recognized in the TRSA Best Plants of the Year competition are acknowledged for their comprehensive efforts to improve capabilities to supply, launder and maintain textiles for their business customers. Applications for this honor describe achievements and surmounted obstacles and cite statistical results across a wide range of indicators from environmental stewardship to productivity improvement.

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Video Award (New for 2021)

The TRSA Video Award competition enables Operator and Supplier Partner members to have their promotions compared for creativity and messaging with those of others in the industry. TRSA members rate the effectiveness of videos on how well they fulfill their intended purpose, whether purely informative, such as showcasing a company or its employees or products or services; or technical: describing capabilities, processes or product features as training for customers.

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