PFAS Planning Toolkit

Implication of textiles as PFAS carriers has implicated linen and uniform service laundries as major individual point sources of PFAS discharge to sewers. With the furor over PFAS, governments across the globe are ready to regulate the most minute industrial discharges. Information accessible from this page helps prepare laundries as TRSA works to avert any future compliance burden

Addressing PFAS in the Environment

In this position paper TRSA and other linen, uniform and facility services groups call for pragmatic and effective solutions to challenges posed by this class of forever chemicals. This position paper outlines what approaches should be taken to any emerging regulation to ensure rules are based on strong science. Legislators and regulators are urged to collaborate with industry on effective treatment and disposal technologies for wastewater and solids

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Liability Risks

Advanced Textiles Association presentation by legal counsel on what the textile sector needs to know

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Agency’s risk assessment, mitigation strategies; assessment of chemicals, wastewater, waste

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Regulatory Advocacy

American Chemistry Council compendium of stakeholder comment on flaws in proposed EPA drinking water standard

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PFAS in Water

How people are exposed and how much; health and environmental impacts

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PFAS in Textiles

Research finds them in most stain- and water-resistant textiles

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Market Profile

William Blair & Co. review of contamination size/scope, federal and state regulation, litigation/liability, remediation/destruction, competitive landscape

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TRSA Webinar

Recording of webinar free to TRSA members; advises laundries what to do now

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TRSA Podcast

Assessing potential impacts on industry’s wastewater discharges and other practices

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Milliken’s Removal Commitment

Non-PFAS chemistry that blocks oil, repels water

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Substitute Technology

Specialty Fabrics Review report on manufacturers’ efforts to comply with new rules that limit PFAS use in water repellent fabrics

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State Activity, Federal Framework

National Conference of State Legislatures report on drinking water, remediation legislation

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Legislative Tracker & Emerging/Adopted Governance

Updates and documents from advocacy group tracking limits, lawsuits, legislation and policy

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Local Compliance with Advised Concentration Level

Nonprofit working group tracks public drinking water systems’ adherence to 4 parts per trillion

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Public Supply Sampling

Click the to disclaimer to zoom into U.S. map—find out if your community is testing drinking water for PFAS content

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Removal and Treatment

Remediation provider’s website explains water treatment technologies

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Disposal and Destruction Techniques

EPA assessment of incineration and non-incineration options

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