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Take Your Place among Industry Leaders

Take your place as a leading world-class company in our business by engaging with our industry’s leaders, sharing information, making your voice heard and ensuring the future of your craft.

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The brightest tomorrow with more fulfilling careers for you and your associates can only be yours if you envision the greatest business success and gain access to the most complete range of resources available to fulfill that vision.  Paint your company into this picture of increased prominence in the commercial textile services industry by becoming a TRSA member.

TRSA membership opens your door to the industry’s most sophisticated research, educational institutes, seminars, training programs, online resources and published material. You gain immediate access to this wealth of unparalleled opportunities to continuously improve your organization.

Essential Member Benefits

TRSA delivers benefits individually to your company and collectively to you as part of the industry through:

  • Advocacy—Your ONLY Voice in Washington
  • Education and Training
  • Networking and Information-Sharing
  • Research and Benchmarking

This succeeds because companies of all sizes remain involved, participating and funding our efforts to educate, train, promote and protect the textile rental services industry.

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