Clean Green Certification

Clean Green Certification recognizes companies that demonstrate responsible leadership in sustainability and conservation by acknowledging commitment to improving water and energy efficiency and adoption of best management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources.

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Clean Green certified linen, uniform and facility services operations meet quality standards for effectiveness in conserving resources and minimizing environmental impact. Customers that use Clean Green certified companies to supply, launder and maintain linens, uniforms, mats and other reusable textiles can be assured that their provider maximizes sustainable practices.

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Certification Requirements

A linen, uniform and facility services company becomes Clean Green certified by meeting water and energy conservation standards and deploying best management practices (BMPs).

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Clean Green Standards

TRSA inspects companies’ laundry facilities seeking the certification and approves documentation of their water and energy use and BMP deployment through production reports they submit to auditors during the inspections. They are accredited for three years at a time.

Standard for TRSA Clean Green Certification | TRSA-Initiated ASTM International Standard

Certified Textile Services Providers

These companies have fulfilled the Clean Green certification challenge, quantifying their commit to sustainability and the environment by documenting their conservation efficiencies in water and energy conservation and verifying their green best management practices

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Why Get Clean Green Certified?

With a Clean Green Certification, you will save on operating costs by conserving resources. sell the benefits of sustainability to gain and keep customers and serve the cause of protecting the environment.

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Clean Green Advisory Board

Bryan Bartsch
Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Inc.

Josh Borreli
Service and Marketing Manager
Andoco / CVR Uniform

Jim Buik
Roscoe Company

Carlos Iniguez
Quality Assurance and Compliance Officer
HandCraft Services, Inc.

Robert Raphael
Service Linen Supply Inc.