Bill Regulating Washing Machines Introduced in Illinois

Posted February 16, 2024 at 3:46 pm

A bill recently was introduced in the Illinois state senate that would impose regulations on the sale of new washing machines for both commercial and residential use. The bill was referred to the Environment and Conservation Committee on Jan. 31.

The bill, SB 2727, is sponsored by State Sen. Julie Morrison (D). The language of the bill states that it, “Amends the Environmental Protection Act. Provides that, on and after Jan. 1, 2030, no person shall sell or offer for sale in the state a new washing machine for residential, commercial or state use unless the washing machine: (1) contains a microfiber filtration system with a mesh size of not greater than 100 micrometers; and (2) bears a conspicuous label that is visible to the consumer, in the form of a sticker or any other label type, that includes a specified statement. Provides that a person or entity who violates this prohibition shall be liable for a civil penalty not to exceed $10,000 for a first violation and not to exceed $30,000 for each subsequent violation.”

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