MMI’s 30th Anniversary: ‘This One Has Been the Best’

Posted September 29, 2023 at 11:16 am

TRSA’s 2023 Maintenance Management Institute (MMI), the association’s educational program for advancing best practices and strategies for engineering and maintenance leaders, concluded its 2.5-day program on Sept. 29.

This 30th anniversary edition of MMI featured not only industry-leading speakers but also an engaging plant tour, plus a deep-dive analysis of attendee observations from the plant visit, coupled with a presentation of findings to host Jim Buik, owner and president of the Roscoe Co., Chicago.

MMI kicked off its opening day with presentations on how to implement a preventive-maintenance program using performance benchmarks to boost efficiency and lower costs. The program also included a focus on how to minimize the risk of injuries through lockout/tagout and fall-protection measures.

Day two of MMI featured a tour of the technologically advanced Roscoe industrial-garment plant. Attendees were encouraged to explore the facility, interact with staff and get an overview of the procedures and protocols that Roscoe associates follow. After the tour, participants gathered that afternoon in three “tiger teams” to identify key areas for improvement in the Roscoe plant’s operation. These sessions emphasized energy conservation and sustainability, maintenance systems and safety.

On day three, the MMI program culminated with a presentation of findings to plant management, including Buik. These presentations highlighted action steps aimed at improving plant operations, including return on investment (ROI) considerations. One participant remarked that, “I have been to seven MMI events, and this one has been the best!”

Also at MMI, TRSA announced that it has partnered with TPC Training, a leader in industrial training and workforce management solutions, to offer a new online educational program for maintenance tech professionals. This online training initiative will enable laundry maintenance staff to broaden their knowledge, without having to travel outside the plant. The online training program offers tiered levels: Maintenance Tech 1 and 2 and Maintenance Manager. This curriculum addresses the essential topics and skills necessary for success in the maintenance field, such as electrical, mechanical systems, process controls, energy conservation and more. Trainees will also learn how to troubleshoot, repair and maintain various types of equipment and machinery. Click here for a related article on this topic. Click here for the Maintenance Certificate Program |TRSA.

The 30th anniversary edition of MMI took a more immersive and applied approach than previous yearly programs. The event proved to be an insightful and collaborative platform for fostering dialogue and promoting innovation in the maintenance management community.