TCS Kicks Off $10 Million Plant Makeover

Posted March 15, 2024 at 10:56 am

Textile Care Services, a healthcare and hospitality operator based in Rochester, MN, is now in the midst of its first major upgrade since the plant was established in 1993.

“The work began this week,” said Paul Jewison, the general manager of TCS. Jewison also is vice president of the parent company, Healthcare Linen Services Group (HLSG). Based in St. Charles, IL, HLSG operates 20 plants from Western New York to Oklahoma.

Jewison plans to complete the improvements at TCS over several weeks. “It’s all done in phases to keep us operating continuously,” he said of the changes, which will include three new tunnel washers. “We’re installing our first tunnel this weekend,” he said on March 14. “Then we will install two more tunnels two weeks from now. In mid-April we will be installing all the dryers and shuttles.”

Other improvements include adding new compressors, water pumps, washer/extractors and more. Once all the new equipment is installed, construction crews will add a new roof to the 96,000-square-foot (8,918-square-meter) laundry that’s currently processing roughly 650,000 lbs. per week.

When the work’s completed, “The plant will be back to ‘Day 1’ condition,” said Jewison, who oversaw the first outfitting of TCS 31 years ago. He praised the support and resources that HLSG is providing with a project investment of $10 million, adding that TCS will once again be the leader in innovation and technology.