Truck Graphics Competition Added; TRSA Award Nominations Open

Posted August 25, 2023 at 12:02 pm

TRSA members can submit nominations now for the next round of annual Industry Awards, to be presented at the Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, on April 10, 2024. Included among the honors will be a new Rolling Artistry award for truck graphics, acknowledged for how chosen images and text reflect member companies’ attributes as key players in the linen, uniform and facility services industry.

The easy online nomination process offers a variety of opportunities to honor your organizations (or any other member you nominate) for industry-leading performance or effort. See nomination details and a form for each award on the TRSA website.

Receiving such an award is a great way to build credibility with customers, prospects and employees. There is no application or nomination fee.

The following Annual Awards are open to all operator and supplier-partner members. Multiple companies and individuals may be honored in the same award category and companies can win in more than one category. Submit entries for any of these awards now here.

Above and Beyond Service. For exceptional attention to customer needs, either as part of the normal course of business but perhaps a one-time effort that was especially responsive, empathetic or pleasantly surprising to customer(s).

Best Video. For a video’s effectiveness in fulfilling its intended purpose, whether purely informative, such as showcasing a company or its employees or products or services; or technical, describing capabilities, processes or product features as training for customers.

Clean Green Innovation. For one or more ways sustainability has been improved (resource reduction, discharge control, increased efficiency) or industry best practices have minimized environmental impact.

Company Community Service. For short- or long-term commitments to volunteer time or professional talent or provide other support, bringing to light a sense of caring and responsibility for others in the community.

Diversity Recognition. For effort(s) to value the “unlikeness” of individuals, and encourage or facilitate such variation in human qualities in the workforce, perhaps taking steps regarding diverse talent or intergroup interaction or otherwise fostering inclusivity.

SafeTRSA Safety Excellence. For establishing or maintaining workplace safety as a corporate value through projects or achievements that have produced or reflected safety gains; or ongoing activities that succeed due to top management support, employee involvement, training or good communication.

Volunteer Leadership. For individuals who have been involved in TRSA, enhancing its success and benefiting their companies through this participation. Winners’ activities may have included participating in political action, benchmarking, committees, presentations or certification; or writing, reviewing or researching for publications, videos or webpages.

For operators only:

Best Plants of the Year. Winners demonstrate how a local operation improves capabilities to supply, launder and maintain textiles for business customers, taking advantage of local resources to meet global challenges and deploy industrywide best practices. Winning applications describe how these laundries’ leaders seize challenges to become more competitive.

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