Wisconsin Tax Bill Clears Another Hurdle

Posted February 16, 2024 at 1:11 pm

Off the hard work of the participants of the WATS/TRSA Legislative Day in Madison, WI, the Wisconsin State Assembly Committee on Ways and Means passed AB 945 by a vote of 8 – 4. The legislation would add the Standard Industrial Codes (SIC) for the linen, uniform and facility services industry to the list of eligible industries to receive the Manufacturing and Agricultural Tax Credit (MATC), saving the industry thousands of dollars annually.

Next, the legislation moves to the Rules Committee for consideration of floor action.

“This is great momentum,” said Dave Jerrett, CEO of Bay Towel. “Chairman Macco called me to let me know the news. I understand that there is still a ways to go before we get this across the finish line, but it is good to keep this effort moving.”

Kevin Schwalb, WATS executive director and TRSA’s vice president of government relations, said that, “The Wisconsin State Legislature only has two more weeks left in their session, so time is an important factor on keeping this legislation moving. This is proof that politics is a contact sport; the group last week did magnificent work getting us this far! We have had two hearings and two positive vote outcomes so far.”

TRSA and WATS are now working with the Assembly leadership to get a vote scheduled on the Assembly floor.