TRSA’s confidential information gathering process provides unparalleled access for you to benchmark financial performance, compensation, safety and sustainability with hundreds of similar linen, uniform and facility services companies worldwide.

Industry Performance Report | Compensation and Benefits Report | Safety Report | Industry Sustainability Report

Industry Performance Report

The TRSA Industry Performance Report compiles financial statement information from linen, uniform and facility services companies to create benchmarking data that allows companies to identify strategies, markets and best practices to facilitate their growth and long-term success. Companies use the report to compare their detailed financial results with operations similar to theirs in line of business (customer markets served), number of laundry/branch locations and company sales volume. A trend analysis section reports data on the last five years for F&B, healthcare, industrial and mixed companies.

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Compensation and Benefits Report

The TRSA Compensation Benefits Report provides benchmarks for linen, uniform and facility services facilities for a range of exempt and non-exempt positions by operational segment, i.e., healthcare, industrial/uniform, F&B/linen supply and hospitality, as well as by region and size.

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Safety Report

The TRSA Safety Report allows participants to benchmark their occupational injury and illness data to measure progress in establishing and implementing enhanced management and safety practices to reduce and eliminate occupational injuries and illnesses by highlighting the industry’s highest risk areas, as well as these most cited by OSHA. These SafeTRSA efforts have led to the adoption of proven policies and procedures for maintaining equipment (lock-out, tag-out), handling soiled linen (especially blood-borne pathogens) and working in confined spaces.

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Industry Sustainability Report

The TRSA Industry Sustainability Report fosters comparison with industry colleagues on water and energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, evaporation credits and a dozen other sustainable business practices. Data guides linen, uniform and facility services laundries in improving economies, key to increasing efficiencies and maintaining competitiveness. Median performance is reported by line of business and all respondents. This report is for TRSA members only.

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