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Advice on finding and keeping the right people: building and maintaining a team of individuals who appreciate their roles and responsibilities and value your corporate culture and organization.

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Plant Recruiting Kit

The TRSA marketing committee has developed video and social media assets for operator members. Attached are three 15-second videos along with complimentary graphic assets that operator members can use on social media, company websites or job search sites to help with promoting open positions at plants. The objective was to give HR managers assets that they can customize for their plant and increase awareness about employment in the laundry industry.

The videos, entitled: Steady Job, Career Advancement and Essential Industry, each use the same short video clips but vary with upbeat music and focus on specific employee benefits. Download the zip-file to get access to the 3 editable videos or 3 non-editable videos, plus an instruction guide.

The social media assets, entitled: Facebook Post and Instagram & LinkedIn Post use have three versions of ready to post non-editable or editable files to be used on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These assets have bright colors, a call to action and a coordinating photo to help explain and highlight the industry.

These assets are available for all operator members free of charge.

Download the Plant Recruiting Kit

Maintenance and Engineering

Tools to attract candidates to these difficult-to-fill positions, including perspectives from consulting, recruiting, manufacturing and advertising professionals.

Maintenance Consultant Recommends Linen/Uniform Industry as Employer

Vector Technical: Tips for Recruiting Industrial Maintenance Technicians

ATS: How to Recruit Industrial Maintenance Technicians When You’re Having Trouble Hiring How to Hire a Maintenance Technician

Videos: Industry’s Attractiveness as Employer

From TRSA Reopening Tour interviews, 2021-22, linen, uniform and facility services managers and staff describe in these videos what employees need and how their companies deliver it. They testify to what makes the industry a great place to be

Benevolence of Owner Operator – Benefits and Rewards – TRSA

Mike Taveras, stockroom manager, American Wear Uniforms, testifies to how an exceptional owner of a family company can make a tremendous difference in the lives of employees and capture their loyalty.

Rundown of Valuable Employee Benefits – Benefits and Rewards – TRSA

Roxanne Hanf, HR generalist, Textile Care Services, describes how the company creates a rewarding work experience that takes good care of employees

A Company’s Search for New Drivers – Benefits and Rewards – TRSA

In his pitch to attract new drivers, Damolens Jean-Baptiste, logistics manager, Crown Linen, LLC, emphasizes their importance to satisfying customers and describes rewards they receive for doing so.

Joy of Early Day Work – Flexibility – TRSA

Employees working early first shifts such as those at Alsco can enjoy afternoons outside working hours with family or attending to other personal concerns. GM McKenzie Lee expresses pride in this work-life balance benefit as well as other advantages of working for the company.

Putting Family First – Flexibility – TRSA

Ashley Brown describes how Plymate accommodates time off to address family matters. As single mother, she especially appreciates the care top management shows for employees as people, which she doesn’t think she’d find working for a larger organization.

Each Day a Little Different – Flexibility – TRSA

Kathy Evans performs numerous different production tasks for Alsco. She says this variety is the key to keeping things interesting—the type of work experience she wants.

Emerging from Background into Leadership – Stability – TRSA

Production Manager Larry Hawkins introduces Dennis Martin, who joined him at Alsco when released from prison. In less than a year, Dennis exhibited the diligence needed to take on increasing responsibility and moved into a supervisor position.

Rising to the Occasion – Stability – TRSA

Morgan Services General Manager Jason DuVall recounts with Catherine Plazanet how she went from homelessness to working as a production supervisor at Morgan Services and Cat explains how Morgan’s corporate culture makes for fulfilling work.

Personal and Industrial Reformation – Stability – TRSA

Joseph Selph came to Crown Linen, LLC through a halfway house program. Having slipped away from such a program previously, working for another company, he needed a second chance. That happened at Crown and he has a career at the company as a mechanic.

Learning New Skills – Work Family – TRSA

Throughout 40 years of work with FDR Services, E.J. Joseph shifted from working inside the plant to driving, reflecting the organization’s commitment to their workforce and improving the quality of his life..

When Work Feels Like Home – Exemplary Industry Career – TRSA

With more than 21 years at Aramark Uniform Services, Maintenance Mechanic Guillermo Pedroza sees the workforce like a family—worth holding onto.

Smaller Team, Better Experience – Work Family – TRSA

At Single Source Plus, plant supervisor Mike O’Neill, a veteran of larger commercial laundries, articulates how a smaller production team can be more effective and efficient.

Work with People, Not Things – Company Culture – TRSA

Gary Lewis, human resources manager, explains how openings in administration and service reflect potential for individuals joining the company to develop their careers the same way employees in other departments have at Gold Coast Linen Service.

Finding a Love for Work – Company Culture – TRSA

Elsa Molina came to Alsco with a background in the corrections industry. The transition improved her professional and personal life thanks to the nature of the linen and uniform service business and the company’s willingness to develop personnel.

Hard Work Pays Off – Career Growth – TRSA

Hear the inspiring story of Simon Ndayiragije, an immigrant who came to the United States and worked up to a maintenance manager position at Falvey Linen Supply.

Follow Your Interests – Career Growth – TRSA

Victor Garcia recounts how an interest in trucks led him to work on the dock at Magic Laundry Services and move into increasing areas of responsibility.

Responsible and Loving It – Career Growth – TRSA

Dennis Porch secures new accounts for Health Mats Co. and is responsible for serving these. That versatility requires Dennis to live up to his word, distinguishing Health Mats among competitors.

Leveraging Experience – Professional Development – TRSA

Drycleaning experience brought Lou D’Autorio to Alsco where he’s now production manager. He has transitioned to a larger organization and benefited from working with the hospitality industry.

New World of Laundry Tech – Professional Development – TRSA

Getting started as network, computer and information specialist, a newly created position at Cooperative Laundry, Ameer Wright is fired up for the job..

Developing Communication Skills – Professional Development – TRSA

Marc Kuder discusses how managing service at Sacramento Laundry Co. through COVID-19 has required innovation in communicating with customers.

Rising Through the Ranks – Fast Track to Promotion – TRSA

Moving to ImageFIRST from the retail sector set Mikayela Garcia on a fast track to a production supervisor role.

High Jumping Language Barrier – Fast Track to Promotion – TRSA

Just five years after arriving in the United States, knowing little English, Manuela Marulanda learned the language and advanced to plant manager at Prudential Overall/Cleanroom, supporting family members..

Textile Services Articles

For TRSA members only – logon and password required. From the pages of TRSA’s award-winning monthly magazine, these articles suggest tactics for finding the best prospects for your open positions, structuring their compensation, showing them why your organization is well suited to their employment objectives and rewarding them accordingly as their productivity and loyalty become evident.

Recruiting Teachers Seeking a ‘Fresh Start’—A Transition To Sales

Adapt Customer-Development Models To Boost Staff Retention

Laundry Talent Scouting: Referrals, Refugees & ‘Special Needs’ Prospects

Energize Your Interview Process with a Focus on Teamwork


From leading consultants in recruiting, workforce development, leadership and other human resources specialties, ideas to support your efforts to find and engage the talent you need in a labor market characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

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