TRSA – NAFA Fleet Management

TRSA Fleet Summit, April 17-19, 2023, Baltimore

See upcoming editions of Textile Services Weekly and TRSA email announcements for Summit details. You’ll have options for participating in the TRSA education session, April 17, 2023, as well as the NAFA social events, exhibits and seminars that continue on the subsequent days. Learn more here about the program.

100 Best Fleets

Receive a free evaluation of your TRSA member company’s fleet management proficiency and see where this competence stands among such operations in multiple industries. It’s the first in a series of activities in which TRSA is facilitating for members access to the subject matter expertise (SME) and information of the NAFA Fleet Management Association.

Apply here (online only) by January 31, 2023.

The easy-to-handle application for the 100 Best Fleets commercial competition starts by enabling you to write a maximum (no minimum) of 400 characters to describe your fleet’s practices in any or all of the following:

  • Accountability: metrics, benchmarks you use to document performance and progress toward objectives
  • Asset, financial, fuel, maintenance, risk management
  • Business Management: relationships and interactions for regulatory compliance, business planning
  • Environmental, social, and corporate governance
  • Professional development
  • Use of technology and information

Then you answer why should you be considered one of the best commercial fleets: just one more question, a maximum (no minimum) of 4000 characters. You’ll get a logon and password for your entry so you can work on it in multiple sessions (save changes and return to the webform).

On the same form, you can also nominate for NAFA’s Fleet Professional of the Year and Fleet Technician of the Year awards.

Ratings will be announced at NAFA’s Institute & Expo, April 17-19, 2023, Baltimore, where TRSA will host a Fleet Summit including industry-specific presentations for TRSA members. You’ll be able to walk up to the 100 Best Fleets judges’ table at the Expo to receive your evaluation (or make an appointment to do so there). Or you can arrange to have this done virtually after the expo but before Sept. 1, 2023.

Certification and Certificate Programs

TRSA is exploring the benefits of these NAFA programs to linen, uniform and facility services fleet personnel. The Fleet Discipline Certificate Program allows individuals to take one fleet discipline at a time. Certificates are offered in eight disciplines of fleet management. This program enables an individual interested in full certification (CAFM) to sample modules before committing to the larger program, which covers all disciplines. A separate Sustainable Fleet  Management Certificate is also offered. See details here.

Join the TRSA Task Force

Meet with other TRSA members interested in improving company performance through new TRSA fleet management education programs. You’ll participate in teleconferences that guide the association’s delivery of these programs. Contact Ken Koepper, 540-613-5110.