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Best management practices for operations and promotion in servicing hospitals, surgery centers, medical offices, nursing homes and other medical facilities.



Clean Green
Hygienically Clean Healthcare

TRSA Healthcare Conference

On-Demand Learning

Producing Hygienically Clean Textiles – For employees who work in Hygienically Clean-certified plants. Certificate awarded upon successful completion.

Production Training Series – Use with prospective hires or production employee training; videos demonstrate sorting, washing, drying, finishing and packing out healthcare items
Webinars – Preview recorded webinars on production, sales and service and other topics; watch them at your own pace


Healthcare Services Operations Manual
Precautions for Protection Video (English) (Spanish)
Textile Services Archive: Healthcare Laundering


Business-to-Business and Consumer Perceptions
Use this research to support marketing and communications to the acute care and specialty medical markets

Executive Summary
Business-to-Busines Survey
Consumer Survey
Media Information: Healthcare

Life Cycle Assessment

Environmental impacts study shows superior sustainability of reusable isolation gowns compared with disposables

Consumer Outreach

On-Premises Laundry Cost Calculator


Six Cs of Handling Soiled Linen in a Healthcare Environment
Easy-to-follow steps for healthcare facility workers to control infection, enhance patient care and reduce costs

Hygienically Clean Healthcare: Certified by TRSA
Prevent Linen Losses: An $840+ Million a Year Problem in Hospitals


Environmental Safety in Outpatient Care
Handling Clean Linen in a Healthcare Environment
Healthcare Textile Life, Loss and Replacement
Infection Risk of Healthcare Garments, Curbing the
Laundry Tour Planner for Healthcare Professionals: Checklist and Guide
Mainstream Laundry Practices Unscathed in Hospital Towel Study
Quantifying Hygienically Clean Removes All Doubt
Replace Disposables with Reusable Healthcare Textiles
Research Report: Healthcare Purchasing Practices
Why Outsource Long-Term Care Laundry Now?

Media & In the News

Marketing Materials: Reusables vs. Disposables

Isolation Gowns
Isolation Gowns Cost Analysis
Microfiber Cleaning Pads
Surgical Gowns
Surgical Gown Cost Analysis

TRSA Press Releases

TRSA Healthcare Committee Projects & Roster