TRSA Summits cover linen, uniform and facility services industry-specific production, safety and workforce management issues through expert instruction, interactive workshops and problem-solving sessions emphasizing information-sharing regarding best management practices.

Leadership Summit | Production Summit & Plant Tours | Safety Summit | Marketing & Sales Summit | Human Resources Summit

Leadership Summit

This day and a half summit will provide information-sharing for top executives who are building their management team’s development and leadership skills. The agenda will feature relevant keynote and leadership experts and provide opportunities for building new and strengthening existing relationships with other leadership within the industry. CEOs and Executives may reward and develop their rising stars with an invitation to this summit. Collaboration is not only peer-to-peer but in a mentoring-style as well, as this summit offers general sessions but also breakout sessions specific to leadership level and experience.

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Production Summit & Plant Tours

As the name implies, this summit places emphasis on the production jobs within laundries and attendees are exposed to the industry’s most successful laundry operators and production professionals during the day and a half summit. Attendees collaborate and network with subject matter experts (SMEs) to get up to speed on the latest process improvements for better throughput. This event includes relevant keynote, breakout sessions on a variety of production-related topics (safety, HR, compliance, etc.) and plant tours and operational debriefs of nearby high efficiency member laundries.

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Safety Summit

Attendance at this summit is the best way for safety officers and other managerial positions to stay up-to-date on current and developing safety trends within the industry. Pick up best management practices (BMPs) from industry experts, discover industry-wide resources and effective techniques that may not be discovered by reading a manual or watching a video. The one-day agenda features industry-specific presentations, relevant keynote, award-winning ideas from other industries and executive panels that help round out attendee exposure to trends, issues and techniques for creating, maintaining or improving company safety culture.

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Marketing & Sales Summit

This summit will best support and inform those responsible for marketing and sales, including those executives, sales directors and managers, owner-operators, general managers and others who are responsible for customer contact, business development, account or territory management. Attendees benefit from a one-day agenda filled with relevant keynote, ideas to differentiate their specific business from that of their competitors. This summit provides tools to assist the move away from blanket branding to more successful utilization of more specific, effective market communications that will create opportunities to capture emerging markets.

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Human Resources Summit

This one-day summit is considered the industry’s guide on compliance, talent cultivation and employee retention. The agenda features an HR expert or employee development-focused keynote presentation to compliment the general sessions. Attendees are given time for peer-to-peer interaction and also encouraged to form networking groups that grow beyond the yearly HR summit activity.

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