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Textile Services Magazine

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Textile Services is the only monthly publication dedicated to news, information, case studies and the latest products and services to help textile services operators and associates to simplify processes, leverage technology, increase productivity, improve client retention and develop new markets offering a significant competitive advantage.

Textile Services magazine’s editorial calendar aligns the monthly magazine’s news, information and features directly with your line management. Members are encouraged to take advantage of the wealth of FREE subscriptions included in their dues. Professionals who benefit from reading the magazine include:

  • Customer Service
  • Engineering/Maintenance
  • Executive Management
  • Finance
  • Fleet Management
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Plant Operations

In addition, Textile Services covers the full scope of the textile services industry including issues, regulation and operational topics that impact large national companies and the smallest one plant operators serving the hospitality, manufacturing/industrial, healthcare and service sectors.

For advertisers, Textile Services readers are decision-makers with nearly 85% responsible for authorizing/purchasing materials ranging from textiles and chemicals to machinery, vehicles, insurance, energy and consulting services.

More than 75% of Textile Services readers (TRSA members) consider the publication the “Most Helpful Resource” in the textile services industry when compared with other trade publications. Readers also rated Textile Rental highest for offering the “Most Educational Material” and it is the “Most Consistently Read” resource for information on best practices and solutions.

TS Helps All in Your Organization

Textile Services' readership study shows that the magazine builds dialog in companies about key business issues. Almost 70% of subscribers say they discuss articles with someone else in their companies. More than half indicate that they refer an ad or article to someone else by passing along a tearsheet, e-mail link, photocopy, or the entire magazine.

Some comments about Textile Services from respondents to the readership study:

  • “It is interesting reading of issues that each of us face daily. It gives insight on possible solutions and good training recommendations. I have shared articles with customers if the focus of articles fits their industry.”
  • “I always go through and check out the competition. This is a valuable tool. I read a lot of the articles and gain more knowledge to help with my job.”
  • “I have saved copies over the years that I still refer back to. It helps me to keep my customers informed on certain subjects.”