The F&B/Hospitality Committee recommends improvement in TRSA advocacy, professional development, information-sharing, research and certification programs to meet TRSA member companies’ business needs specific to providing linen, uniform and facility services to foodservice and lodging customers

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Current Projects
Networking Activities and Events

Meetings and conferences aim above all to facilitate networking: creating opportunities for operators to share experience in surviving and recovering from the pandemic. Each committee meeting begins by encouraging participants to describe the progress of their companies’ return to pre-pandemic sales levels. This fosters discussion of highly beneficial TRSA advocacy activity, such as legislation or rulemaking that supports our industry or these customer sectors. Best practices discussions aim to support profitable linen service operation at partial production capacity (due to reduced volume) and enable operators to demonstrate how their services support customers’ safety, health and other business challenges.

Hygiene-Focused Promotions

Committee members contribute to content creation and media targeting for messaging to industry customers and prospects regarding the hygiene benefits of linen, uniform and facility services to these markets. Prompted to support F&B/hospitality laundries’ recovery from COVID-19 business loss, campaigns include animations that highlight the importance of table linen, uniform rental and facility services to protecting restaurant employees’ and patrons’ safety and health, and the superior cleanliness of outsourcing compared with on-premises hotel laundry. Reopening guidance for the restaurant and hotel markets, including TRSA.org webpages and document downloads, conveys the industry’s recognition by government as an essential business and highlights outsourced laundries’ established supply chains and hygiene expertise that create custom programs rather than simply provide commodities.

Virtual Plant Tours

Planning is underway to simulate the in-person experience of touring a linen supply plant through recorded and/or live internet broadcasting. Existing video footage of plants their management previously used to promote these facilities’ virtues to customers is under review to determine its value as the basis for an expanded virtual tour. Supplier partners’ financial support is sought, as they can benefit from serving as tour stop sponsors or branding an entire tour (single sponsor).

Market Research

Promotion has begun of a new TRSA report, Hotel & Resort Laundry-Linen Benchmarking Study, which communicates to the hotel industry its shortcomings in laundry and linen practices. By establishing key benchmarks, the study’s results enable individual properties to compare their on-premises laundry performance against national norms, dramatizing the need for quality improvement and greater cost control, which can be more easily achieved by outsourcing. The study is viewed as a model for similar future research in markets including F&B focused on customers’ quality and financial loss that can be overcome by substituting reusable textiles for equivalent disposable products and procuring products and services from our industry instead of others.

Hygienically Clean Food Service and Hospitality Certifications

Activities for and membership composition of user groups for these certifications are contemplated. Hygienically Clean Food Service focuses on outcomes and results that verify clean textiles meet appropriate hygienically clean standards and best management practices (BMPs) for servicing food manufacturers and processors. Hygienically Clean Hospitality does the same for hotels, bed and breakfasts and other lodging industry segments.

Task Forces

Projects greatly relevant to serving either the F&B or hospitality markets, addressing issues related to improving the industry’s production, sales or service for one of these markets but not the other, are assigned to project-specific task forces consisting of committee members and other individuals from member companies.

Committee Members

Chair: Mario Stagliano – Arway Linen & Uniform, Philadelphia, PA
Vice Chairs: Phoebe Ellis, Richard Marzo – Lace House Linen Supply, Petaluma, CA
Enzo Barbuto – BTG Textiles, Hull, MA
Mike Benik – People’s Linen Rental, Keene, NH
Chris Brown – Mickey’s Linen, Chicago, IL
Peter Brown – Mickey’s Linen, Chicago, IL
Scott Burke – Loop Linen Service, Westwego, LA
Kelsey Burton – Alsco Inc., Salt Lake City, UT
Mark Harad-Oaks – Arway Linen & Uniform, Philadelphia, PA
David Hassen – Milliken, Spartanburg, SC
Brian Herington – PureStar Group, Las Vegas, NV
Jesse Jassny – Service Linen Supply, Renton, WA
Harry Kertenian – Magic Laundry Services, Montebello, CA
Mark Kowalski – Envise Partners, Plymouth, MN
Matt Lewis – Kemco Systems, Clearwater, FL
Pablo Lucchesi – Crown Linen, Miami, FL
Ryan Mathews – Alsco Inc., Salt Lake City, UT
Heath Maughon – Milliken, Spartanburg, SC
Steve Miller – Victor Kramer Co., Seaside Heights, NJ
Walker Morgan – Morgan Linen Service, Albany, NY
Larry Pallan – Republic Master Chefs, Long Beach, CA
Keith Pooler – Sacramento Laundry, Sacramento, CA
Katy Quinn – Loop Linen Service, Westwego, LA
David Rovetto – Tingue, Chapel Hill, NC
Terry Satchwell – Pellerin Milnor Corp., Kenner, LA
Ryan Smith – LinenMaster, Vero Beach, FL
Kelly Starman – Regent Apparel, S. San Francisco, CA
Christine Tun – Belize Commercial Laundry and Linens, Belize City, Belize
Victor Villasenor – Republic Master Chefs, Los Angeles, CA
Billy Wagg – Wagg’s Linen & Uniform, Orillo, Ontario, Canada
Tim Williams – Crown Linen Service, Mexico, MO

TRSA Staff Liaison

Ken Koepper