CA Laundries, Long-Term Care Providers Adopt UV Tech

Posted August 14, 2020 at 1:31 pm

OMNI Solutions, Baraboo, WI, recently partnered with Revolve Laundry in San Diego to install the LUX Laundry System. By adding UV light to existing laundry systems, the LUX can supercharge the water in those systems with hospital-grade disinfecting and cleaning power, according to a news release.

That disinfecting power has been a major boon to public-facing laundries like Revolve and long-term care facilities with populations more vulnerable to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “Knowing we have the best disinfection available in all of our laundry rooms, as well as being state-compliant, gave us peace of mind,” said Susanne Dean, vice president of risk management at Sun Mar Management, a provider for 25 California nursing homes.

Peace of mind and confidence are more important than ever for the hospitality industry, too, as it takes a historic hit from the pandemic. A major laundry services provider to the San Diego hospitality industry, Revolve will be using a laundry system far more potent than traditional counterparts. Five-hundred times stronger than hot water and bleach, the UV-light charged water eradicates viruses (including coronaviruses), bacteria, and mold while being gentler on the linens. Thorough cleaning and disinfection are one part of the argument that hospitality providers will need to persuade a population that is still reluctant to travel.

UV-light laundry systems also generate significant energy and water savings. The LUX, for example, reduces gas usage up to 80% and water usage up to 20% given the optimizations added during installation, the release noted. In facilities that can easily process thousands of pounds of laundry per day, these efficiencies add up. “The reduction in utility cost is tremendous,” Dean said.

Such efficiencies have attracted the notice of California utility companies, which have begun to invest in UV-charged laundry systems, according to the release. Qualifying businesses can now have the LUX Laundry System installed at no cost. Combining a no-cost installation with lower utility bills has made the new technology increasingly popular in California. “Rarely does a company offer no-cost service and equipment, multiple clinical benefits, and a substantial savings at the same time,” said the former executive director of the Buena Vista Care Center, a long-term care facility in Anaheim.

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