Rental Textiles – A Win-Win for Hotels, Laundries


U.S. hoteliers and laundry operators can learn valuable lessons from their British cousins on converting customer-owned goods (COG) laundry services to rental plans. That was the message that two United Kingdom (UK) consultants brought to a Sept. 27 TRSA webinar titled “Why UK Rental Linen Leads and How the U.S. Can Follow.”

New TRSA Training to Boost Maintenance Performance


TRSA has partnered with TPC Training, a leader in industrial training and workforce management solutions, to offer a new online program for maintenance tech positions. This initiative will give laundry operators a way to broaden the knowledge of their maintenance crews while keeping them in the plant. 

Industry Associations Share Expertise and Insights


The Coin Laundry Association (CLA), the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) and TRSA recently gathered industry organizations via Zoom to discuss current regulatory issues impacting their various members such as microfiber/microplastics filtration, single-use plastics, PFAS and extended provider responsibility legislation.

Operator Options – Large- vs. Small-Roll Ironers


Laundry operators who process napkins and other flatwork today have two options in terms of flatwork ironers: modern, large-roll deep chest ironers, manufactured either in the U.S. or abroad; and small-roll shallow chest ironers, manufactured mostly by the now-defunct American Laundry Machinery Co. This article highlights operator views and a consultant’s take on both types of equipment.

Texas Medical Center Co-op Partners with UNX-Christeyns


As the laundry conduit for the world’s largest medical complex, the Texas Medical Center Hospital Laundry (TMCHL) Co-op Association in Houston is now busier than ever. Three years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the hospitals to curtail services that led to a sharp decrease in patients and a steep drop in laundry volume. With the health crisis officially over and a new management team in place, the co-op has successfully turned the corner and is now achieving production levels above pre-pandemic levels.

TRSA Unveils Emerging-Trends Survey for Healthcare


TRSA’s Healthcare Committee is launching an initiative to survey operators on trends affecting the healthcare textile industry. The survey, which will be sent to healthcare operators during the week of Sept. 25, will address six trend categories: financial, fleet management, automation and technology, labor, infection control, and certification and sustainability.

Prospects for Growth Remain Steady in Latest Baird Survey


Robert W. Baird & Co. and TRSA recently released the results of their Third-Quarter 2023 Uniform & Linen Rental Survey. In the latest survey, uniform rental operators remained cautious about growth prospects compared to the second-quarter survey, while linen rental operators remained in line with recent survey data.