CSC Veteran Joins Alliant in New Customer-Outreach Effort

Posted May 19, 2023 at 11:27 am

Alliant Systems, Irving, TX, recently named Lisa Wacker, a 13-year veteran of CSCNetwork, to a newly created post of “director of community.” Wacker will oversee outreach communications among Alliant’s clients on a range of business-related issues, according to a news release.

“In her new role, Lisa will focus on building a robust and cohesive community of textile rental operators with a goal of enabling them to communicate, learn, share ideas, collaborate and help one another more easily,” the release said.

Mayron Herrera, CEO of Alliant Systems, a supplier of route-accounting and related software, applauded Wacker’s appointment, noting that, “We are thrilled to welcome Lisa Wacker to the Alliant family, and her joining our team is a huge step forward for us.” Herrera added that, “At our most recent conference, we announced that the development of a formal, community program for Alliant customers was a top priority. This hire is a big step in achieving that vision.”

Wacker’s responsibilities will include managing Alliant events, including AlliantCon, as well as developing partnerships and sponsorship programs with industry suppliers, the release said. Eric Smith, Alliant’s director of sales and marketing, said he and his colleagues are delighted to take this bold new step in customer outreach. “The role of director of community is a completely new position at Alliant Systems that we are very excited about,” Smith said. “Today we see lots of smaller, informal groups of Alliant users successful in sharing information with one another. We want to take that concept and create a formal community accessible to all users as a valuable resource and at the same time provides valuable feedback to Alliant Systems. Lisa is a perfect fit to join the Alliant Systems team and take our community to the next level.”

TRSA President and CEO Joseph Ricci added his best wishes, noting that he’s glad that Wacker will continue to serve laundry operators and suppliers. “We are excited that Lisa is staying in the linen, uniform and facility services industry,” Ricci said. “Throughout her time with the CSCNetwork, she developed strong connections with industry leaders and helped facilitate cooperative initiatives between TRSA and the CSCNetwork. She will be a tremendous asset to Alliant.”

Wacker returned the compliments, saying she’s eager to begin her new job. “I am excited to start this next chapter of my career with Alliant Systems and am so pleased to be able to continue to work with so many wonderful operators,” said Wacker. “In today’s business environment, our users need a dedicated resource and space to interact. In my role, I will be working on new ways for Alliant customers to search for and share knowledge, learn best practices, provide feedback, and collaborate with other users. Ultimately, we want to empower our customers, improve their experience, and strengthen the entire Alliant community. I can’t wait to get started!”