Internship Program Employer Deadlines Near

Posted February 9, 2018 at 2:34 pm

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TRSA member companies interested in recruiting students this year through TRSA’s Linen, Uniform and Facility Services Industry Internship Program can sign up by taking an online survey through Feb. 14 or filling out an online form through Feb. 23.

Developed by TRSA’s Young Executives Committee and administered by TRSA’s Textile Rental Education and Resource Trust (TRERT), the program exposes students (potential employees) to the industry and educates colleges, universities and technical schools regarding career opportunities within our industry. When an internship concludes, employers can apply to TRERT for reimbursement for up to $500 of an intern’s employment costs.

In signing up for the program, an employer indicates where interns will be employed and which of these positions (one or more) they would perform:

  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Production

Also in the survey or on the online form, participating companies list three schools they wish to recruit from: colleges, universities or technical schools. These may be local or outside your area, but choose schools with students who live in your area. TRSA contacts these schools to determine their interest in participating and they post the availability of the internships. Postings contain a link to a TRSA online form, so when students respond, TRSA forwards their contact information to participating companies. Students must respond by March 30.

TRSA also has developed generic recruiting pitches and job descriptions for the four positions. Ultimately each participating company will interview and hire on its own and set conditions of employment (internship length in weeks, job responsibilities, work hours, pay, etc.) under TRSA guidelines. Employers would explain any variations from these guidelines to candidates when interviewing them.

For more information, contact Susie Gordon at 877.770.9274 or 703.519.0029, ext. 113.