Penn Emblem Pivots to Produce Face Masks

Posted May 1, 2020 at 11:04 am

Earlier this year, Penn Emblem Co. Inc., Trevose, PA, collected gently used towels, sheets and other garments to donate to local crafters to aid wildlife organizations following Australia’s bush fires. After the overwhelming response Australian wildlife organizations received from generous crafters worldwide, they halted production and shipments. Rather than letting these supplies sit idle, local partner crafters started using the donated material from Penn Emblem to create face masks for healthcare workers amid the coronavirus outbreak, according to a news release.

So far, a total of 20 masks have been created and donated to local Capital Health workers in Bucks County (PA). This is the first of Penn Emblem’s efforts in assisting with the safety mask shortage following COVID-19. Currently, the company is beginning production of 100% cotton, washable and reusable face masks for sale. In addition, there are charity initiatives in the works, the release noted.