Unitex Highlights Eco-Friendly Efforts at New Plant

Posted February 12, 2021 at 11:48 am

Unitex enters Massachusetts with a 90,000-square-foot automated healthcare laundry and uniform service facility, bringing more than 200 jobs to Lawrence, a city which currently ranks third in highest unemployment for the state outside of Boston. The facility consists of both processing and delivery operations to service the state’s vibrant life science and healthcare industries, according to a news release.

Based on a green business model, the company’s investments in technology, operations, environmental quality and conservation training focus on conserving Big 3 resources (gas, water and electricity). Sustainable practices in place in the plant include:

  • Heat reclamation yields gas savings equivalent to usage by 1,204 households and electricity savings amounting to 218 homes per year.
  • Water softening reduces detergents and excess waste creating an annual water savings equivalent to usage by 5,000 homes.
  • Detergents are composed of 100% organic chemicals. In place of chlorine bleach, an oxygen-based, biodegradable cleansing agent is used to protect waterways and reduce linen damage. Fabrics experience a longer product life and less discarded solid waste.
  • LED lighting in the facility, high-speed automation and infrared monitored dryer temperature controls contribute to electricity savings.
  • Ironer machines each have their own gas burner, making them 20% more efficient.
  • Trucks are monitored for air-quality control, energy expenditure and are programmed to shut off after three minutes of idling.
  • Plastic recycling totals 1.5-million pounds each year.

Unitex has 12 locations in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, with a 13th plant scheduled for completion later this year. This is the company’s first expansion into the Massachusetts market. “In reviewing a variety of options for new plant development in New England, Lawrence became an obvious choice once we had an opportunity to meet with the mayor and his leadership team,” said Robert Potack, CEO of Unitex. “Our new facilities help us to provide high-quality products and services to our current and prospective clients in a local setting for both the outpatient and inpatient healthcare space. This additional capacity significantly expands our reach in Massachusetts and throughout New England.”

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