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More healthcare laundry executives and managers engage in TRSA than any other business group. Taking advantage of just the virtual activities designed for healthcare laundry operations will pay back your $250 investment for 2022 membership. You’ll get an even better ROI on your time when you benefit from programs developed for every laundry, such as in-person professional development events,  training resources and certifications of your personnel and laundry. Here are just some benefits you and  your staff can take advantage of with this one-time 90% savings.
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Many Free Online Presentations | Add Value with Discounted Virtual Training | Production Training Series | Annual Healthcare Conference | Laundry Operations & ManagementCertified Professional Laundry Manager Self-Study and ExamHygienically Clean Healthcare Certification

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Many Free Online Presentations

Recorded webinars and other short online presentations bring your team up to speed on best practices in healthcare laundry. They’re FREE to members, along with dozens of others that discuss generic commercial laundry techniques. Watching just the healthcare-specific titles below covers your $250 annual dues and then some.

Coronavirus and the Future of Healthcare
Healthcare Laundries: Lessons Learned from COVID-19 Epicenters
Hygiene of Domestic Laundering: Evaluating Risks and Opportunities
Six Cs of Handling Clean Linen in a Healthcare Environment
Six Cs of Handling Soiled Linen in a Healthcare Environment
Pointers for Partnerships in Textile Hygiene and Management
What Healthcare Laundry Inspectors Uncover
Nonmember cost of all these combined: $325

Add Value with Discounted Virtual Training

Presentations for more intensive training are discounted for members:

Producing Hygienically Clean Textiles
Recognize each laundry team member and department role in maintaining production standards to ensure the team consistently produces high quality hygienically clean textiles. Review daily practices and tasks; understand compliance issues
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Precautions for Protection DVD: Handling Soiled Healthcare Linen (Laundry)
Train route associates, soil sorters, loaders and other affected personnel to comply with Universal
Precautions to prevent the spread of infections like H1N1, HIV, Hepatitis B, MRSA, and Staph. English or Spanish
See nonmember price; $25 off with membership

Production Training Video Series

Initiate training for production employees with these videos that demonstrate sorting, washing, drying, finishing and packing out healthcare items. Show to prospective hires who are candidates for performing or managing these functions
Free; available only to members

Annual Healthcare Conference

Nov. 16-17, 2022, Scottsdale, AZ
Premier laundry industry event focused on the business, handling and processing of hospital, surgery centers, medical offices, nursing homes and other medical facilities, including compliance and clinical trends. Sessions cover most aspects of healthcare laundering operations and developments in patient care delivery, materials management, certification, infection control, regulation, plant systems, textile products and more.

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See nonmember price for previous Healthcare Conference recording; $50 off with membership 

Laundry Operations & Management

200-page guide provides overview of all aspects of laundry operations; primer on procedures, technologies and transactions of production. Only resource that explains how every manager and employee affects every stage in the laundry process. Available in print or digital.
See nonmember price: $70 off with membership

Certified Professional Laundry Manager Self-Study and Exam

Online program bestows CPLM certification for demonstrating mastery of the range of responsibilities of laundry management: verifies candidate’s understanding of the tasks, skills and knowledge required to oversee all functions from soil sorting to packout. Curriculum includes Laundry Operations and Management, Professional Management Institute (PMI) study guides, Production Training Videos, webinar recordings and additional study materials.
See nonmember price; $1995 off with membership

Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification

Through third-party inspection and ongoing microbial testing, this certification proves your capability to produce hygienically clean textiles according to healthcare laundry industry best management practices (BMPs). Confirm your dedication to compliance and processing healthcare linens and garments using BMPs as described in your quality assurance (QA) documentation.

See details for application/renewal, standards, policies, inspections, testing

See application for certification process; save $7000 over 3 years for one laundry