Pandemic Update: Hospitality/F&B from NorCal to NJ


A flurry of reports this fall have noted a spike in COVID-19 infections as colder weather arrives, thus confirming that the pandemic is far from over. But despite the ongoing challenges facing many linen, uniform and facility services companies, two operators on opposite coasts recently told Textile Services Weekly that they’re optimistic they can ride out the coronavirus until better times arrive sometime next year, or possibly in 2022.

Save the Date: Annual Meeting Slated for Oct. 22


Due to travel restrictions because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Annual Conference content is limited with TRSA hosting several in-person and virtual events on Oct. 21-22. These include the Board of Directors Meeting with several board members attending in-person and an in-person and virtual Annual Business Meeting at The Westin in Alexandria, VA.

Plant Inspections: Online Exams are the ‘New Normal’


Among other challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic that initially struck North America in mid-March posed a dilemma for plant operators. As travel restrictions increased, those companies with plants certified through TRSA’s Hygienically Clean certification program were finding it difficult to have inspectors come to their plants to complete the certification process, or to renew certifications with a new inspection as required once every three years following the initial certification.

TRSA’s Global Textile Services Market Analysis Now Available


As previewed in recent webinar presentations to roughly 350 global linen, uniform and facility services executives worldwide, TRSA’s first-ever Global Textile Services Market Analysis is now available as a fully searchable, digital publication optimized for online devices. The nearly 150-page report is available at  

TRSA Presents Global Textile Services Market Analysis


TRSA recently hosted a webinar in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to present the findings of its Global Textile Services Market Analysis. The two-hour presentation aired on Sept. 29 and was aired again separately with broadcasts for executives in both the Asia-Pacific and Middle East markets on Sept. 30. Roughly 350 global linen, uniform and facility services executives tuned into the series of broadcasts.