Florida F&B/Hospitality Update: A Two-Plant Snapshot


Textile Services Weekly recently visited commercial laundries in Ft. Myers and West Palm Beach, FL, to share insights with readers on how these companies, Premier Linen Services and Gold Coast Linen Service, are managing growth as the tourist season revs up in South Florida. Both companies reported robust sales, despite inflation and fierce competition for trade in textile services at area restaurants and hotels.

Operator Options – Large- vs. Small-Roll Ironers


Laundry operators who process napkins and other flatwork today have two options in terms of flatwork ironers: modern, large-roll deep chest ironers, manufactured either in the U.S. or abroad; and small-roll shallow chest ironers, manufactured mostly by the now-defunct American Laundry Machinery Co. This article highlights operator views and a consultant’s take on both types of equipment.