Women in Textile Services: Finding Your Voice

July 26, 2023, 1-3 pm ET   •   Live Virtual Event
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Emotional vs Passionate – that seems to be the struggle many women face in the workplace when presenting their viewpoint or challenging the status quo.  While not always the case, in many scenarios when a woman is advocating her idea or challenging a way of thought, she is viewed as emotional/feisty/cranky; but a man may be viewed as passionate/confident/bold.  Why is there this difference? What can women do to message their opinion and ideas without feeling like they are seen as emotional?

Additionally, some women veer away from bold and courageous conversations like this because they are worried about how they will be viewed. Or, maybe they aren’t confident in the outcome, so they don’t even attempt the situation at all. Many stats support this idea that women are less likely to advocate for themselves in the workplace – including this study from LinkedIn that points to the difference between how women vs men apply to new employment opportunities.

Compound this with the additional complexity of People of Color typically not negotiating for themselves as frequently as those who are Caucasian and now you have a double setback to face. Women tend to advocate for others before themselves. Depending on upbringing, there are some ethnicities that have been taught that negotiating for yourself is taboo, or not even worth it because you’ll come off as aggressive rather than courageous. This HBR review highlights added aspects of why we don’t see women of color negotiating as often, whether for a new job or in situations they encounter in their current role.

Finding Your Voice is about encouraging women to speak confidently and courageously, propose their ideas, challenge the status quo, advocate for themselves – all while being conscious of how to do so without having concern of coming off ‘emotional’.  We want to give women the facts of how often we tend to shy away from these communication challenges, along with the push and tools to start changing that tide.

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