Consumer Outreach

TRSA raises awareness and educates customers about the value and benefits of linen, uniform and facility services such as image, safety, cleanliness and sustainability, as well as cost savings and waste reduction. Outreach generates millions of website visits, impressions, likes, inquiries and shares each year.

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On-Premises Laundry Cost Calculator

The On-Premises Laundry (OPL) Cost Calculator demonstrates the clear advantages to using an external provider of laundry service, namely avoiding the economic stress of maintaining an internally managed operation.

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Media Information

Two national surveys completed by TRSA, the leading global textile services trade association, have found the majority of both businesses and consumers prefer that employees wear uniforms. The primary reasons for this preference, according to the survey are related to image, trust and identification.

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TRSA research and benchmarking provides data that support our efforts to protect and expand markets for linen, uniform and facility services while enabling members to improve performance and safety.

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Inside the Process: How Textile Services Companies Deliver Cleanliness, Economy

Industry best practices reflect cost-effectiveness, hygiene, conservation, quality control.

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Prevent Linen Losses: An $840+ Million a Year Problem in Hospitals

How taking steps to ensure linen reaches its useful life can create huge efficiencies for facilities and staff.

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Six Cs of Handling Soiled Linen in a Healthcare Environment

Easy-to-follow steps for healthcare facility workers to control infection, enhance patient care and reduce costs.

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