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Consumer Outreach

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TRSA raises awareness and educates customers about the value and benefits of linen, uniform and facility services such as image, safety, cleanliness and sustainability, as well as cost savings and waste reduction. Outreach generates millions of website visits, impressions, likes, inquiries and shares each year.

On-Premises Laundry Cost Calculator

Use this template to demonstrate to a prospect the clear economic advantages of outsourcing Healthcare and Hospitality/Hotel laundry instead of using an OPL


Business-to-Business and Consumer Perceptions
Quantifies market support for our industry’s economic, image-building, waste-reducing and safety value

Executive Summary
Business-to-Business Survey
Consumer Survey

Media Information


Life Cycle Assessment
Independent analysis verifies commercial textiles’ superior sustainability, finds lower environmental impact vs. disposables

The Truth About Shop Towels

Analysis provides conclusive evidence that laundered shop towels are the safe choice for industrial wiping


Inside the Process: How Textile Services Companies Deliver Cleanliness, Economy
Industry best practices reflect cost-effectiveness, hygiene, conservation, quality control

Prevent Linen Losses: An $840+ Million a Year Problem in Hospitals
How taking steps to ensure linen reaches its useful life can create huge efficiencies for facilities and staff

Six Cs of Handling Soiled Linen in a Healthcare Environment
Easy-to-follow steps for healthcare facility workers to control infection, enhance patient care and reduce costs


F&B/Restaurant: Reusable Napkins: the Greenest and Cleanest Choice

Hospitality: Bottom-Line Buster Looms Below Surface

Hospitality: How Green Linen Service Reduces Hotel Expenses

Hospitality: Sector Fails to Calculate Full Costs of Laundry

Industrial/Uniform: How Uniform Rental Boosts Sustainability



Sustainability: Finding the New “Green” in Your Supply Chain


Environmental Safety in Outpatient Care

Handling Clean Linen in a Healthcare Environment

Healthcare Textile Life, Loss and Replacement

Mainstream Laundry Practices Unscathed in Hospital Towel Study

Quantifying Hygienically Clean Removes All Doubt

Replace Disposables with Reusable Healthcare Textiles

Research Report: Healthcare Purchasing Practices


How Green Linen Service Reduces Hotel Expenses

Using Certifications to Select Green Hospitality Suppliers


Food Safety Transparency across the Supply Chain