Combating COVID: Girbau Introduces New Module to Monitor Hygiene

Posted June 25, 2020 at 2:44 pm

TRSA associate member Girbau North America (GNA), Oshkosh, WI, recently developed and released the COVID-19 Disinfection Monitoring Package (DMP), a module that works in concert with Sapphire laundry management software to monitor and verify disinfection of washed textiles. The DMP was developed by Girbau Global Laundry Solutions to address the immediate need for disinfection and hygiene within laundries worldwide, according to a news release.

Available on all GNA on-premise and industrial washer/extractors, the DMP comes as a result of GNA’s targeted effort to help counter the COVID-19 pandemic and stop the spread of infection. The DMP is a module that integrates with Sapphire, GNA’s smart, remote management software. Sapphire facilitates the management of a laundry, reporting irregularities and reducing costs and downtime. It also plays a crucial role in disinfection as it ensures compliance with the parameters necessary for proper textile sanitization and, in addition, allows data to be stored and sent to owners, the release noted.

“The DMP provides new functionality that helps hotels, care homes, assisted living facilities and commercial laundries ensure their laundering processes consistently comply with world, country or organizational disinfection requirements,” said GNA President Mike Floyd.

Through Sapphire, the DMP shows, in real-time, the evolution of machine wash cycles with details of temperature, water levels and cycle phases. It allows the owner to quickly configure cycle conditions – including those for disinfection compliance – and verify that all cycles have met the disinfection parameters previously stipulated by the customer. It also makes it possible to remotely manage all the parameters of the wash cycle, including temperature, water level and cycle phases, or to carry out detailed monitoring with the recording of the entire cycle history.

Moreover, the DMP provides the option of creating custom disinfection criteria based on the time and temperature for each program on each machine – adapting to the specific needs of each laundry. In doing so, it displays a summary of the disinfection rules and conditions created by the user. Laundry managers can then run a report to see if any program or machine doesn’t comply with the established parameters set for disinfection. If the washing cycle hasn’t fulfilled a disinfection condition, the user is alerted with a notification.

Girbau North America is the largest of 15 subsidiaries of Girbau Global Laundry Solutions, based in Vic, Spain. To find out more about the DMP, visit