TRSA, Laundry Association of Australia Set Framework for Collaboration

Posted December 7, 2018 at 4:29 pm

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed between TRSA, the association for the linen, uniform and facility services industry, and the Laundry Association of Australia (LAA), establishing a framework for cooperation that will enhance their respective abilities to promote, protect and professionalize the industry.

Initially, TRSA and LAA will each appoint a member of their respective board of directors to serve as an ex-officio non-voting member of the other association’s board of directors to improve communications and facilitate the exchange of information. In addition, the two organizations are discussing licensing of education and certification programs including the TRSA Production Management Institute (PMI) and Hygienically Clean and Clean Green certifications.

This agreement continues TRSA’s efforts to foster cooperation and information sharing internationally, including its established relationships with the European Textile Services Association (ETSA) and other national associations, as well as the ongoing work on Hygienically Clean certification and training with the China Healthcare Laundry Association (CHLA).

Now in its 107th year, TRSA represents industry operators who supply, launder and maintain linens and uniforms. Operators help businesses, retailers, healthcare facilities, restaurants, government and other organizations enhance their image and provide clean, safe environments for their employees and customers. Associate members provide equipment, supplies or services to operators. Between operators and associates, U.S. and international, TRSA has more than 300 member companies.

TRSA builds and promotes a stronger, safer and more environmentally conscious community through advocacy, education, certification, research, benchmarking and networking.

“This MOU and the future relationship that the associations will foster is an acknowledgement that the common opportunities and challenges are global in nature and the thought exchange is relevant regardless of where you operate or what services you provide,” said TRSA Immediate Past Chair David Potack, Unitex, Elmsford, NY. “I am excited about the future benefits of this collaboration for both associations.”

LAA was founded in 2016 as companies across Australia sought to unite for nationwide advocacy of the industry and state/regional associations curtailed their operations. Its roster currently contains 30 full (operator) and associate member companies. They perform the same types of services as TRSA members and the customer markets in Australia served by LAA full members are the same as those served by TRSA operator members.

LAA’s mission is to support continuous industry improvement through innovation, best practices, R&D and review and development of Australian standards. Engaging members through education, member services and professional advice, the association addresses legislative, economic and social matters to improve, promote and protect members’ interests.

Joe Sullivan, LAA chair, observed that LAA re-invented the old Textile Rental & Laundry Association of Australia as an organization “more representative, relevant and responsive to members’ needs” and to promote the industry in Australia.

“Because of our size and the tyranny of distance we experience in Australia, this agreement can provide us with much better capability to promote and enhance the professionalism of our Industry to our customers,” added Sullivan, who is national technical operation manager for Spotless Group, Melbourne, Victoria.

Capabilities will be greatly improved via more engagement with the TRSA, with access to TRSA professional development programs, benchmarking, and licensing of certification programs for standards, hygiene and sustainability.