‘Roaring with Pride’: TRSA Next Gens Tour Roscoe Plant


As part of TRSA’s Next-Generation Executives Committee meeting on June 15 in Chicago, 20-plus leaders of their companies toured the Roscoe Co. plant on the city’s westside. The business is now celebrating its 100th anniversary as a family-owned-and-operated independent industrial laundry.

Breakthroughs … Textile Services’ May Focus on Innovation


The cover article in this month’s Textile Services focuses on a series of plant innovations. Common themes among the operators cited in this piece, titled “Innovation – ‘Every Problem Is an Opportunity,'” include breakthroughs in automation, resource conservation and ergonomics. Highlights from the article appear below.

Inoculate Your Business Against Future Threats


Michael Rogers, an award-winning journalist, columnist, publisher, novelist and tech analyst who’s commonly referred to as the “practical futurist,” will give a keynote address titled “What Comes After COVID?” on Nov. 17 at TRSA’s Healthcare Conference in Plano, TX. To give attendees an idea of what to expect at the conference, Rogers, who recently completed two years as a “futurist in residence” at The New York Times, agreed to answer a few questions from Textile Services Weekly on his upcoming talk.

Lawmakers in the Plant – A Staff Morale Booster


Laundry owner/operators like Johanna Ames understand the value of having federal or state lawmakers tour their facilities in terms of promoting public-policy goals. What they may sometimes underestimate is the positive impact these visits can have on staff.

CLS Michigan – Mixed Plant Confronts Reopening


Laundry operators and their customers in Michigan, including restaurants, clinics and manufacturers, soldiered on through the long winter of COVID-19, hoping that by mid-summer they’d see renewed opportunities. Many have, but the state’s recent reopening has brought challenges too.

Texas Automation to Appear on Fox Business Network


Texas Automation Products, Hutchins, TX, has been manufacturing industrial heat seal machines for more than 60 years. On Thursday, June 17, the company will be featured on the Fox Business Network during a segment titled, “Manufacturing Marvels.” The segment featuring Texas Automation will run between 9:30-9:45 p.m. CDT.

Unitex Highlights Eco-Friendly Efforts at New Plant


Unitex enters Massachusetts with a 90,000-square-foot automated healthcare laundry and uniform service facility, bringing more than 200 jobs to Lawrence, a city which currently ranks third in highest unemployment for the state outside of Boston. The facility consists of both processing and delivery operations to service the state’s vibrant life science and healthcare industries, according to a news release.

Magic Moves – SoCal Plant Expansion to ‘San Berdoo’


Despite the recent downturn in hotel traffic related to COVID-19, Magic Laundry Services (MLS) recently announced plans for the latest expansion of its hotel linen operations in Southern California. Specifically, MLS is growing beyond its three-plant base in the same Los Angeles (Montebello) neighborhood with the purchase of a new location in the “Inland Empire,” the metro area east of Los Angeles. MLS’s fourth production facility will encompass 60,000 square feet on 2.5 acres in San Bernardino.