Incident Prevention – Investigating ‘Root Causes’


Anytime a safety incident occurs in a plant – including ‘near misses’ – laundry operators have a moral duty, as well as a legal obligation, to investigate what happened and why. Then they must take steps to prevent the incident from recurring. That’s the essence of a forthcoming article in Textile Services magazine on how companies can uncover the root causes of safety mishaps in a laundry operation and take steps to mitigate them.

TRSA Business Pulse Survey Shifts to Goldman Sachs


Goldman Sachs is partnering with TRSA to re-launch the periodic Business Pulse survey. Previous recipients of the questionnaire and new contacts who oversee linen, uniform and facility services business locations can expect the survey form to arrive in their email the week of Sept. 5.

Generate Industrywide Financial Data with TRSA Survey


TRSA is encouraging operators to participate in the 2023 TRSA Industry Performance Report (IPR) survey. The IPR survey generates industrywide financial data that provides intel on the linen, uniform and facility services market, allowing members to benchmark themselves within the industry.

Members Sing Upbeat Tune of Sales, Customer and Employee Retention


Maintaining profitable customers and increasing revenue from these accounts marked the 2022 performance of TRSA linen, uniform and facility services members. Their growth prospects looking forward in 2023 are brighter in the long run than the near term, following a first quarter when a solid majority of TRSA Business Pulse survey respondents’ revenue exceeded expectations.

TRSA Annual Safety Survey Data Due March 1


Many companies have made great strides in reducing workplace illnesses and injuries, and from 2017 to 2021 the linen, uniform and facility services industry experienced across-the-board reductions in its injury and illness rates. Many TRSA members have reported fewer incidents, according to the 2022 TRSA Industry Safety Report. But not everyone is on the same improvement trajectory.

Uniform Rental Revenues on the Rise in Latest Baird Survey


Robert W. Baird & Co. and TRSA recently released the results of their Fourth-Quarter 2022 Uniform & Linen Rental Survey. A majority of survey respondents on both the uniform and linen rental side of the business reported revenues meeting or exceeding their expectations in the final quarter of 2022.

Annual Industry Performance Report Reflects Financial Recovery


TRSA’s recently released Industry Performance Report shows many financial indicators improving to pre-COVID levels. Using 2021 financial data collected from TRSA members on a confidential basis and compiled by the MacKay Research Group, Boulder, CO, the TRSA report is the only industrywide research report that enables operators to compare their income statements, balance sheets, and financial and employee productivity ratios.

Compensation Report Provides Vital Benchmarks


Now available for download, the 2022 TRSA Plant Employee Compensation Report provides detailed salary, wage and fringe benefit results for linen, uniform and facility services operators. This year, the survey was revised to include salary and hourly rates in ranges, instead of exact numbers.