‘Do the Right Thing’: Recycling ‘Down Under’


Amid regulatory pressures in states such as Massachusetts to divert ragged-out textiles – particularly cotton-polyester garments – from landfills, Alsco Uniforms – Australia is partnering with an Aussie firm that’s pioneered a process that breaks out polyester for reuse in plastic products. What’s more, cellulose from the cotton serves as a component for a hydromulch that’s sprayed on areas cleared of plant life for building projects in order to grow new vegetation.

Plant Preview – Back on ‘Topper’ in Toronto!


Attendees at TRSA’s upcoming Fourth Annual Canadian Production Summit & Plant Tours this Oct. 4-5 in Toronto will get a close look at a company that not only survived a disastrous fire and a series of COVID-19 lockdowns, but now has a fully refurbished plant, and an outlook on the future that’s brimming with optimism.

Coming in August – United Hospitality Services


Like hotel laundries across the U.S. and beyond, UHS soldiered on through the downturn that accompanied the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Now the company has fully recovered and reports robust growth in the article titled “United Hospitality Services—‘A Company of Solutions.’”

TRSA Clean Green Certification Enters the Next Decade


TRSA celebrates its Clean Green certification as the program embarks on its second decade. The certification is earned by companies that demonstrate leadership in environmental sustainability and meet certain benchmarks for water- and energy-conservation and emissions reduction.

Cintas Named a USA Today Climate Leader


In recognition of its commitment to and success in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions intensity in recent years, Cintas Corp., Mason, OH, has been named to the inaugural USA Today Climate Leader 2023 list.

Our Industry to Regulators: Use Sound Science on PFAS


A position paper for industrywide and individual companies’ advocacy, TRSA’s “Addressing PFAS in the Environment,” makes the case that any regulation of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances needs to be based on strong science. The document also points to the need for collaboration on effective treatment and disposal technologies for wastewater and solids.

Zero-Emission Fleets: ‘The Transition is Happening’


A rising tide of regulatory mandates limiting the use of gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles is making the internal combustion engine an endangered species. Federal and state environmental agencies in jurisdictions such as California are leaving businesses, including linen, uniform and facility services companies, with little choice but to begin converting their fleets to alternative-fuel vehicles.

U.S. EPA Grants Waivers for California’s ACT Regulation


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued a decision that grants two requests for waivers of pre-emption regarding four California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations related to California’s heavy-duty vehicle and engine-emission standards.