Ecotex, K-Bro Cited in Canadian Reusable PPE Research


Research led by the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care on personal protective equipment (PPE), intentionally designed and manufactured as reusable, including gowns, goggles, face shields and elastomeric respirators, was conducted to identify prospects for reducing plastic PPE waste with a focus on opportunities for reduction and reuse in the health system. Most of the PPE used in Canada is made of plastic, and much of it is disposable, according to a news release.

NY State Assembly Member Engages with TRSA Members, Tours Unitex


New York State Assembly Member Amanda Septimo (D-84th District) spoke with TRSA members during TRSA’s New York Regional CEO Roundtable; meeting in her district to discuss AB 6995, the Healthcare Worker Safety and Sustainability Act, which she and State Sen. Cordell Cleare have introduced. The bill would amend the New York State public health law and require healthcare facilities to maintain a 50% operating threshold of specific reusable healthcare personal protective equipment (PPE) textiles.

Assembly Member to Meet with TRSA Members in NY


TRSA recently updated its lineup of events with a New York Regional Roundtable and Plant Tour on Oct. 18 featuring remarks from Assembly Member Amanda Septimo, of the 84th district of the New York State Assembly. The event, located at the Residence Inn Marriott in New Rochelle, NY, will kick off with a networking lunch.

NHS Upping its Use of Reusable Textiles


A firm based in Hampshire, England, is partnering with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to reduce its production of plastic waste and increase its use of reusable textiles, according to a recent report.

Safe, Secure and Sustainable: Study Touts Use of Reusable PPE


A recent article in Healthcare Management Forum noted the heightened importance of reusable personal protective equipment in the healthcare setting in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study concludes that reusable PPE has many benefits besides its effectiveness in protecting healthcare professionals and patients from infection by microorganisms. These advantages of reusable PPE include lower costs, domestic jobs and improved environmental performance.

TRSA Gets Legislator Support for More Reusable Textiles in Healthcare Facilities


TRSA has secured the signatures of U.S. Reps. Greg Landsman (D-OH-01) and Michael Carey (R-OH-15) as the chief co-signers to a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. The letter is requesting Secretary Becerra to “examine the feasibility and potential benefits of the increased use of reusable healthcare textiles (HCTs) in hospitals and other medical facilities to protect healthcare workers, address the rising environmental impact of disposables, prepare for future pandemics and potentially provide cost savings.”

TRSA Instrumental in Getting Reusable Healthcare Textile Bill Introduced in NY


New York State Assembly Member Amanda Septimo (D-84th District) last week introduced AB 6995. The legislation would amend the New York public health law, and require healthcare facilities to maintain a 50% operating threshold of certain reusable healthcare protective textiles in their inventory. New York State Sen. Cordell Cleare (D-30th District) introduced the New York State Senate companion bill.