Hr Björkman’s Expands in Stockholm with Latest Acquisition


Hr Björkman’s Entrémattor AB, headquartered in Arlöv in southern Sweden, recently acquired Söderbergs Mattleasing AB in Stockholm. The deal marks another milestone in Hr Björkman’s strategic growth plan and strengthens the company’s presence in Stockholm, according to a news release.

‘Do the Right Thing’: Recycling ‘Down Under’


Amid regulatory pressures in states such as Massachusetts to divert ragged-out textiles – particularly cotton-polyester garments – from landfills, Alsco Uniforms – Australia is partnering with an Aussie firm that’s pioneered a process that breaks out polyester for reuse in plastic products. What’s more, cellulose from the cotton serves as a component for a hydromulch that’s sprayed on areas cleared of plant life for building projects in order to grow new vegetation.

NHS Upping its Use of Reusable Textiles


A firm based in Hampshire, England, is partnering with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to reduce its production of plastic waste and increase its use of reusable textiles, according to a recent report.

TRSA Tours Innovative Ecolab Campus


TRSA staff recently visited the Nalco Water, An Ecolab Company complex in Naperville, IL, to discuss the company’s sustainability initiatives on behalf of the linen, uniform and facility services industry. The meeting included a tour of the Nalco Water University as well as the Research, Development & Engineering areas of the facility.

Plant Preview – Back on ‘Topper’ in Toronto!


Attendees at TRSA’s upcoming Fourth Annual Canadian Production Summit & Plant Tours this Oct. 4-5 in Toronto will get a close look at a company that not only survived a disastrous fire and a series of COVID-19 lockdowns, but now has a fully refurbished plant, and an outlook on the future that’s brimming with optimism.

TRSA Clean Green Certification Enters the Next Decade


TRSA celebrates its Clean Green certification as the program embarks on its second decade. The certification is earned by companies that demonstrate leadership in environmental sustainability and meet certain benchmarks for water- and energy-conservation and emissions reduction.

Ecolab VP Talks Sustainability on Washington Post Live


Calvin Emanuel, the vice president and general manager of Sustainable Business Solutions at Ecolab Inc., St. Paul, MN, recently joined a live discussion hosted by The Washington Post to discuss how companies are reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time growing their business.