Future of Laundry Automation

September 19, 2024, 11 am - 12 pm ET   •   Virtual Register
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Discover the future of laundry automation in this virtual laundry tour

This webinar will tour of one of the world’s most automated laundries to see how recent advancements in automation are adding value to the industry.

From increasing wages to recruitment difficulties, manpower is an ever-growing challenge. New advancements in machine learning and robotics have resulted in novel solutions to these common challenges, and processes that were previously only possible through manual handling can now be completely automated. This webinar hosted by JENSEN and Inwatec will cover trends in automation, the portfolio of available solutions, feedback from the markets first movers, and future directions.

While the idea of robots doing laundry was once only reserved for sci-fi or Jetson’s cartoons, this fantasy a reality. Far from even being a conceptual idea, dozens of laundries around the world are using solutions like Inwatec’s soiled-side sorting solution to process several tons of linen an hour.

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