Communicating Green Impacts of
Linen / Uniform Service

April 18, 2024, 2-3 pm ET
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Growth of production and service of linen, uniform and facility services has steadily contributed to improving the environment. Laundries have become more efficient, consuming less water and energy per pound. Less efficient on-premises laundries are less common as organizations that might operate these instead opt for outsourcing linen and laundry.

Conservation results similarly from businesses that opt to outfit employees with rental uniforms instead of relying on these workers to wear their own home-laundered clothes at work or wash direct-sale uniforms at home.

At the same time:

  • Developments in water recycling and pretreatment have reduced discharge volume and pollutant loads to publicly owned treatment works, conserving fresh water and making POTWs’ job easier.
  • Business users who have switched to our industry’s reusable textile products from disposable equivalents have eased landfills’ burden and reduced these users’ costs.

View this webinar to improve how your company articulates the industry’s “green” achievements. In time for Earth Day 2024, you’ll gain new perspectives on why linen, uniform and facility services are sustainable and promise to perpetually contribute to protecting the planet.

Presenters: John Shaffer, CEO/principal, EEC Environmental, Orange, CA; Ken Koepper, member and industry relations director, TRSA, Alexandria, VA

This webinar coincides with Earth Day 2024

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