TRSA Instrumental in Getting Reusable Healthcare Textile Bill Introduced in NY


New York State Assembly Member Amanda Septimo (D-84th District) last week introduced AB 6995. The legislation would amend the New York public health law, and require healthcare facilities to maintain a 50% operating threshold of certain reusable healthcare protective textiles in their inventory. New York State Sen. Cordell Cleare (D-30th District) introduced the New York State Senate companion bill.

‘SOLS’ Sophomore: Oregon GM Psyched for Year II of EMI


Antonio Casillas, a first-generation Mexican immigrant with nine years’ experience working his way up at an Oregon healthcare co-op laundry, says he’s eager for his second year at TRSA’s Executive Management Institute (EMI) this Aug. 6-10 in Hyattsville, MD.

TRSA Secures Co-Sponsors for Important Healthcare Legislation


TRSA recently held a Legislative Conference in New York’s capital city of Albany, in which 12 members went to visit their respective legislators, both assembly members and state senators. In total, the group participated in 17 meetings and were able to secure co-sponsors to support a key bill currently being drafted in the state assembly.

Upcoming Webinar to Focus on Global Hygiene Standards


The Textile Services Association (TSA-UK) is hosting a webinar on Thursday, April 27, at 2:15 p.m. CEST (8:15 a.m. EDT) titled “Building a Global Hygiene Protocol and Potential Future Challenges.” During the hour-long webinar, Professor Katie Laird from De Montfort University will present the results of a research project primarily funded by TRSA, TSA-UK and ETSA.

TRSA’s New Customer-Facing Website: Taking the Industry to the Public!


TRSA recently launched a customer/consumer-facing website to promote the hygiene and environmental advantages and supply-chain sustainability, as well as other benefits of linen, uniform and facility services. Users can view the website at It includes a searchable directory of TRSA members so local businesses can find one near them.

Home-Wash Critique Powers TRSA Webpage on Healthcare Garments


TRSA has updated its 10-page white paper that portrays uniform rental as the superior risk-minimization option for healthcare wearers and their employers. Published initially in 2018, the updated Curbing the Infection Risk of Healthcare Garments factors pandemic-era research and consumer behavior into explaining why linen and uniform service laundering is more hygienic than home washing.