VA Outsourcing: Laundries Seeing Organic Growth


While earlier top-down efforts to encourage the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA) to implement laundry outsourcing fell short, the good news is that in the 15 years since the last major advocacy effort in this area, today’s less-centralized VA has seen veterans’ hospitals from California to Maryland opt out of on-premise laundries (OPLs) in favor of outsourced services.

Feds See a Doubling of Long-Term Care Population by 2065


More of us are living longer, says a new report commissioned by the federal government. And you know what that means – demand for space in nursing homes or rehabilitative care is sure to increase – in fact it’s likely to double in less than 45 years.

COVID-19 & Hotel OPLs – Outsourcing Opportunity?


As hotels see increased occupancy from summer vacationers, particularly in markets like Florida and Southern California, one question facing hotel managers is whether or not to continue operating their on-premise laundries (OPLs). A decision to shutter OPLs – even if temporarily – due to cost or health concerns stemming from the pandemic, creates the potential for outsourcing to hospitality launderers, according to several operators contacted by Textile Services Weekly.