Alliant Systems Announces Annual Conference Dates


Alliant Systems, Irving, TX, recently released the dates for the next two editions of its Annual Customer Conference. The conference features educational breakout sessions and a review of new route-accounting features and related technologies, according to a news release.

TRSA Launches New On-Demand Learning Center


TRSA recently revamped its On-Demand Learning Center with a brand-new experience for users that includes quicker access to completion certificates, an easier login experience, mobile accessibility and more!

Lavatec’s Energy Survey Highlights Rising Demand, Cost


Lavatec Laundry Technology Inc., Beacon Falls, CT, recently commissioned an online survey of North American industrial laundry customers in the wake of current economic events and the expected impact on future energy consumption. Three quarters of survey respondents think energy costs will rise significantly in the coming years, according to a news release.

Webinar Gives Tips for Boosting Route Efficiency & Sales


TRSA continued its series of webinars for the linen, uniform and facility services industry with a June 23 presentation on improving route stop performance. The hour-long webinar was presented by TRSA’s Industrial, Uniform & Workwear Committee, and is the first of a three-part series.

Lessons in ‘Zoom’ Etiquette – ‘Dons Don’t Wear Shorts’


I loved the HBO show, The Sopranos. I’m a bit of a Mafia aficionado; I’ve been fascinated with that culture ever since my grandmother (!) gave me a book by Jimmy “The Weasel” Fratianno to read when I was 16. In an early episode of The Sopranos, James Gandolfini, playing Tony Soprano (the main character and the leader or “don” of the Soprano mob) was hosting a barbecue in his back yard for other mobsters. Tony manned the grill while wearing Bermuda shorts, and this prompted a visit the next week.