Breakthroughs … Textile Services’ May Focus on Innovation


The cover article in this month’s Textile Services focuses on a series of plant innovations. Common themes among the operators cited in this piece, titled “Innovation – ‘Every Problem Is an Opportunity,'” include breakthroughs in automation, resource conservation and ergonomics. Highlights from the article appear below.

Morning in the Midwest: Prudential’s New Cleanroom Plant


Prudential Overall Supply President Chris Welch recently journeyed to Heath, OH, for an April 26 news conference announcing plans for a new, 68,000-square-foot (6,317-square-meter) cleanroom laundry located in an industrial park about 30 minutes east of Columbus, the “Buckeye State” capital.

Family-Owned Texas Company Acquires Alliant Systems


Alliant Systems, Irving, TX, recently announced the sale of the company to Herrera Rodriguez Family Holdings (HRFH), a private Texas corporation owned by Mayron Herrera and Jhovanny Rodriguez. Alliant Systems will continue to operate under the same name as a wholly owned subsidiary of HRFH, which also operates an IT services company, Synetek Solutions, and a cloud-based VoIP service, GreenLink Networks, according to a news release.

Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats


TRSA recently hosted a webinar presentation to educate linen, uniform and facility services industry operators and supplier partners on cyber threats and how to protect their systems from intruders.

Cybersecurity: Protect Your Business


Steve Stasiukonis, president of Secure Network Technologies, and Anto Almasian, risk management advisor at Haylor, Freyer & Coon, have joined forces to educate TRSA members about the threat of cybersecurity during a March 17 webinar presentation. They will discuss what the cybersecurity landscape will look like in 2022.

Alliant Systems Announces Annual Conference Dates


Alliant Systems, Irving, TX, recently released the dates for the next two editions of its Annual Customer Conference. The conference features educational breakout sessions and a review of new route-accounting features and related technologies, according to a news release.

TRSA Launches New On-Demand Learning Center


TRSA recently revamped its On-Demand Learning Center with a brand-new experience for users that includes quicker access to completion certificates, an easier login experience, mobile accessibility and more!

Lavatec’s Energy Survey Highlights Rising Demand, Cost


Lavatec Laundry Technology Inc., Beacon Falls, CT, recently commissioned an online survey of North American industrial laundry customers in the wake of current economic events and the expected impact on future energy consumption. Three quarters of survey respondents think energy costs will rise significantly in the coming years, according to a news release.