Philly-Born Company Celebrates 75th Anniversary


It is rare to mark a company’s 75th year in business, but what is even more extraordinary is to celebrate such a prestigious anniversary while giving back to the community where the company first got its start – Philadelphia. Penn Emblem Co.’s milestone was celebrated with current and past employees, local small businesses and a few new, furry friends.

Honor Outgoing Chair by Donating to Charity


TRSA members are reminded that they can honor outgoing chair Noël Hammer Richardson by donating to her charity of choice, Women’s Empowerment. The charity’s mission is to enable women who are experiencing homelessness to gain the skills they need to get jobs, maintain healthy lifestyles, and regain homes for themselves and their children.

Chair’s Choice: Women’s Empowerment Charity


TRSA Chair Noël Hammer Richardson will complete her two-year term next month, and TRSA members are encouraged to show their appreciation by donating to Richardson’s charity of choice, Women’s Empowerment, based in her hometown of Sacramento, CA.