Upcoming Webinar to Focus on Global Hygiene Standards


The Textile Services Association (TSA-UK) is hosting a webinar on Thursday, April 27, at 2:15 p.m. CEST (8:15 a.m. EDT) titled “Building a Global Hygiene Protocol and Potential Future Challenges.” During the hour-long webinar, Professor Katie Laird from De Montfort University will present the results of a research project primarily funded by TRSA, TSA-UK and ETSA.

TRSA and TSA-UK Strengthen Partnership During Recent Visit


TRSA and the Textile Services Association (TSA-UK) have announced an important new stage in their partnership. Both associations have agreed to work closer together to share knowledge with each other across key areas, which will help to drive improvements in the services provided to both TSA-UK and TRSA members. The areas include training and certification as well as aligning future global industry strategies and policies.

Home-Wash Critique Powers TRSA Webpage on Healthcare Garments


TRSA has updated its 10-page white paper that portrays uniform rental as the superior risk-minimization option for healthcare wearers and their employers. Published initially in 2018, the updated Curbing the Infection Risk of Healthcare Garments factors pandemic-era research and consumer behavior into explaining why linen and uniform service laundering is more hygienic than home washing.

Healthcare & COVID-19: The Good, the Bad and the Awful


The first day of TRSA’s Virtual Healthcare Conference featured a two-hour, CEO/Executive Roundtable session that drew 30-plus healthcare laundry professionals from across North America for a lively discussion of industry issues, particularly the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare Alert: Best Practices to Contain Coronavirus


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is closely monitoring and collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO), on an outbreak caused by a new coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. With cases on the rise worldwide, it’s imperative for healthcare laundries to maintain best practices in laundering textile goods.

Home-Wash Hazards – German Researcher Documents Risks


New research from a German university microbiologist offers scientific confirmation of what most commercial laundry operators already know – that washing scrubs or other workwear textiles at home, rather than at a commercial/industrial establishment – poses a risk of spreading infections. The problem is that domestic washers don’t provide enough heat or concentrated chemistry to produce hygienically clean textiles.