Incident Prevention – Investigating ‘Root Causes’


Anytime a safety incident occurs in a plant – including ‘near misses’ – laundry operators have a moral duty, as well as a legal obligation, to investigate what happened and why. Then they must take steps to prevent the incident from recurring. That’s the essence of a forthcoming article in Textile Services magazine on how companies can uncover the root causes of safety mishaps in a laundry operation and take steps to mitigate them.

TRSA Website Adds Tools for Recruiting Maintenance Personnel


Links to blogs written by companies specializing in maintenance recruiting and management have been added to the TRSA webpage that prompts linen, uniform and facility services to rethink tactics for attracting and retaining employees. This gives members easy access to content directed to manufacturers and applicable to hiring for large-scale laundries.

MMI Returns for its 30th Year this October


TRSA’s Maintenance Management Institute (MMI), the industry’s longest-running and most-recognized maintenance management and technology development program is returning for its 30th year, this Oct. 10-12 at the Embassy Suites O’Hare in Rosemont, IL.

Lavatec Adds Garcia to its Service Team


Marco Garcia recently joined the staff at Lavatec as a service technician. Based in Las Vegas, he has more than 25 years of mechanical and technical experience working with industrial machinery.

Tingue Unveils New E-Commerce Site


Tingue recently launched its new e-commerce website. The new site offers a comprehensive collection of replacement parts for all major industrial laundry machines including washers, dryers, ironers, feeders and folders, according to a news release.

TRSA Announces 2023 Professional-Development Opportunities 


TRSA’s 2022 professional-development calendar has been published online and registrations will start opening for a range of events. Details can be found at Carefully crafted to appeal to senior executives as well as a broad range of plant management that includes general, maintenance, production, human resources, safety, marketing and sales, the professional-development events highlight TRSA’s commitment to strengthen, grow and promote the linen, uniform and facility services industry through the people who power it.

MMI Returns with Brand-New Program


TRSA’s 29th Annual Maintenance Management Institute (MMI) returns after a two-year hiatus. The program has been revamped with new speakers, a new location and new topics, but remains the industry’s longest-running and most-recognized maintenance-management and technology-development program.

March TS Preview: Tips for Troubleshooting


In challenging times, such as the downturn triggered by COVID-19, making sure your plant machinery and systems are operating as efficiently as possible (and with minimal downtime), is a key to survival. For its March issue, Textile Services magazine interviewed Dewon Morris, a veteran maintenance manager with Taylor Linen Services, for his insights on how to keep a plant humming.

TRSA Webinar Offers Preventive-Maintenance Tips


TRSA recently held a webinar titled “Developing a Sustainable Preventive Maintenance Program.” Linen, uniform and facility services industry veteran Frank Gundrum of Gundrum Consulting LLC, Franklin, IN, hosted the hour-long presentation.