TRSA Committees, Task Forces Preparing to Lead Industry in 2023


Task forces to support the industry’s efforts in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), facility services, information technology and risk management will join the stable of standing TRSA committees in 2023. The new groups add to the range of opportunities for members to collaborate with industry colleagues – both laundry operator and supplier partner members – who share common issues and interests, such as those associated with their specific professions or market segments (laundry user industries).

Survey Confirms Member Value, Sets Priorities for TRSA


More than 300 individuals from linen, uniform and facility services companies and supplier partners responded this summer to a TRSA survey to guide the association’s activities and communications. Results highlighted the need to remain focused on issues related to workforce, cost containment and growth, and identified Textile Services magazine among TRSA media channels as providing the most value.

COVID Case Studies: The Good, the Bad and the Bankrupt


In an article slated for the July/August Clean Show double issue of Textile Services, consultant Bruce Hodes reflects on how companies can overcome adversity by embracing – rather than resisting – the reality of crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get Traction: EOS Expert to Keynote Annual Conference


Mike Paton, the best-selling co-author of Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business and a well-known practitioner of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), will address TRSA’s Oct. 19-21 Annual Conference in Carlsbad, CA, on Oct. 20. To offer attendees and prospects a taste of what they’ll hear in Carlsbad, we put a few questions to Paton regarding EOS and how it helps companies achieve stable growth.

TRSA Holds In-Person Event for Industry Leaders


TRSA held its first fully in-person events since February 2020 when it hosted more than 50 linen, uniform and facility services professionals for its July 20-22 Leadership Meetings outside Chicago. The meeting included its Strategic Planning Committee, Next-Generation Executives Workshop and Board of Directors meetings, as well as its first-ever Supplier Partner Council event. The week also included a dinner for all participants, as well as a Top Golf reception.

COVID-19, Year II: Laundries Confront Staffing Woes


Among the roughly 215 linen, uniform and facility services operator and supplier partners who attended five, 90-minute online TRSA Regional Town Hall sessions on March 30, 31 and April 1, pretty much everyone could agree on two things. First, they’re relieved that the economy in most parts of the U.S. has begun to emerge from last year’s COVID-19-related shutdowns. However, there also were widespread concerns expressed that a severe labor shortage could stymie the recovery.

Standard Operating Procedures: Key to Enhanced Performance


If you want to achieve continuous improvement for your linen, uniform and facility services company, a good place to start is developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and work instructions. The benefits of having SOPs in place include standardization, communication and clarity between departments, plus a regular process for training and onboarding new employees. SOPs also can help your company show customers that your quality system is sound. Another plus is that they can help staff meet qualifications for certification programs, such as Hygienically Clean.